A Few Things

Oh Hi There!

I am glad to see that people still read this thing. I do actually write things for this blog. Unfortunately they are usually in my head. And let’s just say the “Publish” button in my head isn’t quite as efficient…

So, What I got…

We went to a Birthday Party for one of The Elder’s classmates, I took a bunch of pictures and need to send them to her Mom. She’s a girl with Down’s and she was totally awesome. The best part was that the non-Special Needs (as PC as I could put it) vie for her attention and to be next to her. It was described as “Her Queen and Her Court”. Awesome stuff. I need to post the pictures here.


We purchased a new computer and if you happened to see my Facebook Profile, you’ll know that I took the Vista off and upgraded it to XP. Well, in course of that move, I made back-ups of our files… well, with my new meds, not only am I focused but I am organized. I think I scare My Lovely and Talented Wife. For 7 years she never knew we had a workshop in our basement. It was formally called “Terry’s room of perpetual storage” but now after a few weekends of cleaning here and there… there’s a workshop… where you can like work and workout and store stuff. Not only store stuff, but find it later (and it not be on the floor, under 5 layers of boxes).

Well, let’s just say that our File Archive is about as bad as the workshop. I am probably about 1/2 way of clearing out, pruning, deleting, archiving and organizing our computer files. I mean, how many copies of a file do I need? Apparently, I needed (at a minimum) 8 for non-important files and 12 (in 4 different locations) for important files.

Since memory is getting cheaper by the second. It’s time to compress and archive.


Training for the marathons has been going okay. I have fallen into a training program that seems to be very efficient for me and although I am probably not getting ALL the miles that I need. I am getting more (I’ll have to check for sure) miles overall than previous training programs. I didn’t get a 20+ miler in my training, but I did get a 18.7 and then a 13.1 within a few days (not a week) apart. And I totally kicked all forms of ass on my 4+12 miler yesterday (it was a 2-fer). So, I do need to tweak my schedule a little bit for the next couple of weeks up to race day and THEN figure out what the hell I am going to do between marathon as to maximize healing. The Harpeth Hills Monkey Marathon is not a runner-friendly course… if the monkeys don’t kill you, the hills will…

Speaking of the marathon that reminds me of crap. That’s right! The Crap YOU can win for guessing my times. I need to decide what that is going to be… something good and smelly. Well, at least smelly. Details to come. I’ll need to make more noise with this contest… to get more participation. Speaking of, I need to email Deb, the winner of my last contest, either she doesn’t want her crap and didn’t give me her address or I mis-placed her mailing address. It’s probably the former.


In-laws are in town from today (Wednesday to Saturday)


I particpated in the World Wide Festival of Races by running the Worldwide Half Marathon. I am planning on making a podcast as the main form of a Race Report. Given my history of podcast making, I am pleased to say that I have downloaded the audio files to my computer. Vegas has the over/under on actually editing the audio files as Thursday 3pm. Any takers?

So, that’s my short blog for right now. Hopefully post more later…

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4 Responses to A Few Things

  1. Susan says:

    That’s such a nice thing to hear about the birthday party.

    I am sooooooo excited about your marathon maniac experience!

  2. Samantha says:

    The party sounds great!

    The hills won’t kill you…you’ll kill them…then run another full and rock it! Or lie down like a whipped puppy. Hopefully not the latter.

    Share some of your organizational skillz!

  3. Marianna says:

    Ahhhh I just smiled! You’ve organized!!!

    How does your desk look?! 🙂


  4. dpeach says:

    A clean desk is a sure sign of over stuffed drawers.

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