The Movie Theatre Amplifies Your Child

In an unpredictable turn of events, the family all congregated at the $4 movie theatre to catch the 4:30 showing of the most recent Pixar-Disney movie WALL-E. This was a great movie, wait, it was an AWESOME movie and not to let loose any spoilers, it’s a great movie for everyone. The Synopsis is: a small, but determined trash compacting robot of the “Wall-E” model (think Sony Cassette Walkman) meets probe “Eve” (think iPod with a laser gun) and embark on an adventure to complete The Directive for all of Humankind.


The Kids thoroughly enjoyed it and I know that it will be gracing our DVD library soon (maybe as a Christmas gift?).

The audience not only got a laugh from the movie, but from our children. I can’t describe this how it actually came across in the movie theatre, but it’s worth a try.

[The Scene]

Wall-E is trapped in a escape capsule that is about to Self-Destruct. It’s speeding away from the main ship and Eve is desperately trying to chase him but the ship is too fast. It’s a rather tense moment because Wall-E can’t stop the countdown, or the ship, and is panicking.

[Escape Pod’s Computer]: FIVE

Wall-E is pushing every button on the console

[Escape Pod’s Computer]: FOUR

Eve realizes that he’s going too fast to catch up

[Escape Pod’s Computer]: THREE

The screen is of deep dark space as Wall-E’s pod zooms away and everything goes quiet

[Escape Pod’s Computer]: TWO


GIGANTIC EXPLOSION of Wall-E’s escape pod


[The Younger]: ONE!

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  1. darrell says:

    Even my sullen 18 year old laughed out loud during Wall-E. I love the message – save us all from our own greed and gluttony.

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