Attention Readers: Weekend Update – kinda

I just wanted to let everyone who reads this blog… that means The Cool Kids that things should be back to normal blogging operations, that’s NBO for you military types who need the acronym.

I have just finished up some freelance statistical work. Yes, I do statistical work for fun… actually this was for cash-money. So, if you need your statistics analyzed, keep me in mind! Statistics: Only God knows the answer (for certain).

No PhotoHunters
This past week’s theme was SAD. I didn’t have a picture to submit, much less the time to post it, but the picture I was going to take was that of a bottle of Chewable Fiber Tablets, because it has a security sensor on it. Think about that… the chewable FIBER has had enough theft to warrant putting the security sensors (like in DVDs) on it. Not the Fiber mix… the chewable tablets.

“Honey, we gotta go pick Gramps up from The Wal-Mart, seems like he’s been trying to lift the BeneFiber Again!”


“Son, you better put that bottle back or you are going to be in a world of shit”

“Officer, you wouldn’t know… you wouldn’t know.”

No Success Sunday
I didn’t have time for a Success Sunday either… although I would have to say something to the effect of “Fresh Eyes can provide great insight” or something like that. Short-Short version: The Elder threw his glasses in a direction of tree and brush past a barbed wire fence. I braved chiggers, ticks, snakes, poison ivy, yellow jackets, gang green, etc to look for those high-dollar glasses. After 20 minutes a fresh pair of eyes found them underneath the car he was standing close to when he threw them.

Sometimes, “when you are in the forest, you can’t see the glasses on the other side of the barbed wire underneath the car” and you can QUOTE me on that.

What I Owe you:
I owe you the Big South Fork Race Report, my week of running, some photo safari, the fresh GF pizza place. I am sure there is more, but if I overwhelm myself, you get to read NOTHING because I will never get to it all.

So, Happy Monday. I need to go organize.


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0 Responses to Attention Readers: Weekend Update – kinda

  1. Petra says:

    Ok – we’re waiting for all the reports now (sound of fingers drumming) and wow – you are the only freelance statistician I know of. Very impressive. I like statistics – my favourite part of the Economist…

  2. Marianna says:



  3. Susan says:

    GF pizza place – do tell! I am intrigued, as I have actually given some thought to my “if P3 and family ever visits me” menu…

  4. Samantha says:

    You are all sorts of all over the place!

  5. darrell says:

    Hey, I can actually keep up at this rate. 😎

  6. Junior Johnson says:

    Its sad when fiber tablets have a security sensor on them….

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