The Week Wrapup

This week has been topsy-turvy to say the least…

My Lovely and Talented Wife has been sick for most of the week. We took her to the doctor’s on Thursday and walked away with 4 prescriptions. Since this ailment had been around for (what we determined) to be about 2 weeks, the doc covered all the bases, hence the 4 prescriptions. What pushed her into succumbing to going to the doctor was the 8 hours of coughing, oh… make that continuous coughing. Thursday night, she slept sans hacking for quite a while. She was still really tired Friday morning, but that was because her body is playing catch-up (not mustard).

I had been hoping for one more run during the week before Big South Fork, but I didn’t get it. Actually there was a small period of time where I didn’t feel quite right and to avoid actually making it worse, I took it easy. The run was to calm my nerves more than anything else (being so close to race day), so not exposing myself was the smarter thing to do… and I like smart.

So Sunday is my Dennis Birthday. I know 99.9999% of you are thinking – “What the F*&*%&$”. Don’t worry, it’s just my quirkiness in the effort to nickname anything and EVERYTHING. So, with this being my 37th birthday, this is my Dennis Birthday. I’ll have a post for Sunday night (post-Success Sunday) that will explain why it is called “The Dennis Birthday”. If you want to try to sleuth the answer, I will give you a hint: My 33rd birthday was my Rolling Rock Birthday.


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  1. marathonchris says:

    Happy Birthday, Terry!!!!

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