It was NEW to me

Today has been a rollercoaster…thankfully as I write this I am on the Up and Up.

This morning, we had a meeting in reference to The Younger and his evaluation. Basically, we learned that he is at least just above average in everything BUT social development… He’s on the lower end of the scale but still statistically “normal”. The part that we liked was that the people there said that they liked working with us (previously with The Elder). Go US! Also plugged ASDa pretty hard there and now have 3 shirts to give away.

So, that was cool. Then this afternoon, I had a brain doc appointment to get a refill on my anxiety meds (which I was going to decrease dosage) and also to get some ADHD meds. Although I am not “textbook” ADHD and have functioned for 36 almost 37 years without meds, the ADHD would have made this A-/B+ student to be an A+ student. There were a few things that were rough around the edges that would have made me SUCH a better student… and now a better husband, dad, Kick Ass Friend, etc…

WELL, as luck would have it, some people got into a car accident right off of campus. A TWO ambulance wreck and so basically, I was late getting onto Alcoa highway to get to the Doc’s office. I took a gambleand tried to take a short cut, but after some miscommunication, there was no way that I was going to make it and so I was rescheduled.

I was PISSED! My “plan” as I devised since I had made the appointment 6 weeks ago was to leave work early ON Terry Day and then go to the Smoky Mountains and trail run IN THE MOUNTAINS, as a precursor to this weekend’s Big South Fork 17.5 Trail Run. Plus, I wasn’t going to get the meds that I wanted until Monday, but that was okay… my running plan was foiled. “Technically” my time schedule was intact because I was free at the time I thought that I would be free… but I was PISSED because the Routine had been broken. So I got a Diet Coke and Candy Bar and went back to work because I didn’t want to waste the hours on my time sheet.

Back at work, I did a few things before packing up to go run because I decided that even though my plans had been destroyed that I would still run at Lakeshore, 2 loops for 4.2 miles. This way, I would have more time to run errands. Well, driving to Lakeshore, I decided that I really didn’t want to run that far. I wanted something easier to get to, and a shorter distance to run.

So, I decided to go to one of the entry ways to 3rd Creek and run 3 miles. Easy enough… or so I thought. I park the car and I changed clothes in the parking lot. And I go get my shoes… I go get my… shoes. I go… (*&$%*(&$(*&%$ WHERE ARE MY SHOES! I quickly deduce that I have NO shoes, except for my dress shoes and my crocs. [MANAGEMENT HAS EDITED THIS POST TO COMPLY WITH REGULATIONS]

Oh, NO! I WILL NOT BE DENIED. I will run TONIGHT! So what do you do when you don’t have any running shoes. Well, one option is to run in socks… but that would destroy perfectly good socks. Okay, you could run with barefoot. Barefoot? Only weirdos and crazies run barefoot. Oh wait, that’s weirdos and crazies are runners… shoes are just an option. Okay… let’s run…sans shoes.

But there is NO way I am running 3 miles. So, I opt for 2 miles. Running on 3rd Creek Greenway is pretty smooth for an asphalt surface, I had little problem running. One thing was that at first my stride was as if I had shoes on. This was a little tough on the feet,but I quickly changed my stride to accommodate no shoes and things got alot better.

I did get a rock “stuck” in my foot that required me to stop and knock it off. One thing that I did notice was that hills “felt” differently. It wasn’t that they were easier, but they felt smoother in accelerating up them. Also with going down them.

I ran the first mile in 8:26, which is faster than some of my lunchtime runs. That may have been a little fast, because I could tell that my feet were getting beaten up… it was asphalt I was running on. So, I changed my 2 miles to just 1.5 miles.

I ran my last 1/4mile in 1:39! I then put on socks to mediate further injury and walked to my car (about 0.3 of a mile away). I ran for about 12 minutes, but that is exactly what I needed! I felt great and my feet are a little beaten up, but I’ll give them a little TLC and they’ll be golden for Big South Fork this weekend.

Speaking of Big South Fork… Wednesday, I will put up the Guess My Time, Win Crap Contest for this race.But until then, here are two pictures of my running shoes and my (current as of this post) Facebook Profile, since I was actually HAPPY again!


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0 Responses to It was NEW to me

  1. Leesa says:

    I can’t believe you ran barefoot. Ouch and OUCH.

  2. stacie says:

    YIKES! NO WAY I could do that! I can’t even WALK out to my car barefoot!

    I like your haircut!

  3. DPeach says:

    I tried that once. After I came home with blisters the running forum told me that 90 degree sunny days were not the best choice of environments. Asphalt gets hot on those days. Who knew?

  4. LATW says:

    Click to make your HAIR big? Well the 80s ARE coming back…

  5. Marianna says:

    AAACK! My feet are aching FOR you!

    Likey the haircut! šŸ™‚

    Hey, did I hear a story that the guy who hacked into Palin’s yahoo account was busted on the UT campus? LOL Too funny!


  6. darrell says:

    Running barefoot is supposed to be good for you. Way to make do! At least is was your shoes and not your shorts that you forgot. Running without your shorts would have been a whole different post.

  7. ShirleyPerly says:

    You are brave! I would only ever run barefoot on a soft surface that was sure to be free of rocks, twigs, glass, and other unfriendlies. But way to stick with your plan to get a run in!

  8. Susan says:

    Brave indeed! But sounds like it was a success. šŸ™‚

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