Photographer+Techie +Money=You?

if there is anyone is reading this that is:

  • a photographer
  • a web techie

and that is either in the San Fran area or can move there (I guess)

Oh, AND needs a job… one of my fave photography site is hiring!

That’s right, the way cool site: Photojojo… not to be confused with JoJo’s Circus or the Movie Theatre candy Jujubes

Is HIRING for their store in Cali.

Just the way the advertisement is written makes me want to work for them… that I am an photographer and a web techie… but I don’t think it would be a good financial move on my part. Too bad they didn’t mention tele-commuting.

Here’s an excerpt:

This is a full-time job in San Francisco, CA.

Photojojo ( is looking for a creative, web-savvy person to join our team of photography lovers in San Francisco. Your job will be to manage and help grow our online store — a job that requires sleuthing skills to unearth unique and interesting products to sell (via the internet and occasional trade show visits), analytical abilities to project sales and manage inventory levels, and negotiating kung-fu to work with vendors to obtain the best possible pricing.

You’ll also have a hand in writing appealing product copy, planning and executing photo and video shoots, and planning and measuring promotions and advertising.

Superhuman organizational skills and a self-starter attitude are a MUST.

Preference given to those who are also excellent writers, understand social media, have excellent people skills, and an innate sense of marketing and promotions. It sure doesn’t hurt if you happen to be a great photographer or have experience in online retail, forecasting, or a deep love of metrics and data driven decision-making! (Not knowing things is okay, but you must be a good learner.)

Oh, but for me they use phrases like “excellent writers” and have you red some of the stuff that I write here about? “excellent people skills”… well, my people skills are pretty good. “forecasting … data driven decision-making” – oh the Statistician part of me just had an orgasm.

And some of that other stuff, I have experience with… and I did just see Kung-Fu Panda, so I would be great with the vendors for pricing.

Oh and like me, they are giving away crap cool stuff if you win their contest get hired because of my endorsement on your campaign trail referral.


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