August Memoirs: I’ve got more runs

Here’s Part Two: I tried keeping the gross stuff to a minimum but I didn’t let it detract from cheap stabs (hehe) at humor.

August 21st: The $20 Run

080911run3On Thursday’s, My Lovely and Talented Wife has her weekly meeting and Our Resourceful and Reliable Au Pair has the kids, so that leaves me with free time. Since Tuesday is Terry Day, I use this free time on Thursday to get stuff done around the house (after running). My initial intention was to run in the neighborhood, but My Lovely and Talented Wife suggested that one day I should ride with her to her meeting and then run home. This way we’d have more time together since she doesn’t get home from her meeting until after 8:30pm. I was already to run, so I told her that I would just go with her right then. I got my Road ID, my Driver’s License, $20 and my phone.

Half of the course is run on a road with no shoulder, so I am forced to run in the Right of Way area. It’s commercial zoned area, so there are no sidewalk, just 6′ grassy right of ways. It’s like cross country, except with traffic 5 feet away from you. The other half of the course is on sidewalks and other formed asphalt/concrete surface.

When I got to the intersection of Lovell Road and Parkside (a very busy intersection), I stopped and check my pockets… and what do I find… the plastic bag with the $20 (to protect it from being so sweaty if I bought a drink from a store) was GONE! Somewhere over the 3.1 miles to that point, I lost it. It must have just slipped out and was gone forever. And it was gone forever, I drove my route the next morning with no luck AND I ran the same route the next week and NOTHING. I just that whoever found it had a good time. I speculate that it was dropped near one of the restaurants and it was picked up by a patron and tipped the waitress well. That’s what I am thinking. This area doesn’t have a lot of wanderers, so I don’t think someone needy would have picked it up.

Addendum to August 21st: The $20 Run: Surgery
Well, I left something out on my route ($20) and I picked up something on that run (an infection). Some how, probably some friction of my toes during the run caused some irritation. Instead of going to a blister, it went straight to infection.

All day Friday, I could feel the sore spot on my big toe. It got to the point that it hurt to walk and seeing that I wanted to run on Saturday, that called for drastic measures: Surgery. I broke out my Time Life Book SeriesHome Surgeries. During family movie night, I sat down to inspect my foot. It was puffy like a blister, but didn’t have the “excess” skin that is created with the fluid built up. I deemed it time for some exploratory surgery and see just how much pain I could inflict on myself withstand.

As a runner, there are a few tools of the trade that are mutli-purpose tools,namely The Safety Pin. So, I grabbed one of the million that I have a safety pin, disinfected it and starting to do some exploratory data gathering. My first question was… what was causing the soreness? Internal pressure or possible bone breakage (my X-ray machine is on the fritz).

Once you get past the first stab stick, the rest are pretty easy. The first poke wasn’t fruitful, so I made another (what’s that word for impaling, but not impaling?) poke on the other side. Nothing. So what does any good scientist do? Think: What would Mr. Whipple Do? Oh, Squeeze. The external forces exerted on the sore area cause the internal pressure to exceed the integrity of the skin, notably at the poke holes, and like a volcano, I had the first oozing evidence that the source of my pain was indeed an infection.

Not to get too graphic (because I forgot to take pictures), I made more “pressure release” points about 7 in all and squeezed until there was no more juicy juice. My foot felt so much better! but I had to deal with these gaping holes. I put some pharmaceutical grade of Melaleuca oil (Tea Tree Oil) and never had a problem or a flare up.

August 26: Long Run #2 with #2… twice
Tuesdays are my typical long run days. I can get 4-5miles in at lunchtime and then fill in the rest of the mileage in the evening. With it being early in the training cycle, the long runs aren’t all that long 8-12 miles, so I can skip the lunchtime runs (and the heat) and just run in the evening.

This day was slated for 12 miles and I had set it up to run 4 at lunch and 8 after work, but because it was so rainy-misty, I pushed everything back to after work. Since I was adjusting my schedule, I thought that I would run on a route that I was pretty comfortable with and close to my office. I made it down to the 3rd Creek/Neyland Greenway Junction and headed out West on the greenway. I decided that I would explore a (new to me) junction at the end of James White Greenway that connects to Morningside Greenway. With this connection, I could really get more mileage in a new place and get a long run of 20+ exclusively on Greenways.

Somewhat early in the run I got that “Do Not Call Phenomenon“. The bad thing for me was that I was far away from any bathroom as I was in the middle of the James White Greenway. The good thing was that I was very secluded on the greenway and there was a patch of overgrowth that I had imagined in my previous runs that 1) Either a Homeless person would live in there or 2) someone from The Mob would ditch a body in there.

But I added a 3rd idea 3) Make-Shift Porta Potty. So, I did my business and it occured to me that I should bring an antibacterial Wet-Wipe. They are small, light-weight and would be very handy right now. So, with that business out of the way, I continued on, feeling MUCH better.
080911run4I found the connector from the James White Greenway to the Morningside Park fairly easily. Although you have to go through a MAJOR intersection, it’s not very busy and so easy to manage. Morningside Park’s Greenway is really a walking path within the park. I say that because instead of stretch of fairly straight greenway (for running or biking), the greenway hugs the hill, creates a number of curves and has forks that split off from the main path for other parts of the park. So, this greenway’s main focus was for walkers, which is fine in itself, there is nothing wrong with that, it’s just different.

This also happened to be my turn around point for my Westerly run. I was running (approximately) 4miles out to the west, turn around and go back to the car for a total of 8 and then head out East for 2 miles and then back to the car for a total of 12miles.

On the way back, right near the place where I had stopped for a dumpster-doodle, I get a Call from Nature AGAIN. Ugh! You have got to be kidding. But seeing that I was in a good location and that I would never have made it to the nearest real bathroom, I went into the woods for the Second #2. This time, I was prepared and it was a much easier outing. With repetition comes skill – HA!

I head back out on the Greenway and have a decent 12mile run without anymore incidents!

Running: it’s in my blood
I have written before about times that I have donated blood and how much my running has sucked afterwards because of it. I received a postcard in the mail saying that it was time for me to donate again, and I thought, sure, I’ll do that NOW as I was still a number of weeks before my marathons. When I got to Medic, there was a sign out on the front lawn that there was a critical need for blood, so I was extra glad that I was giving that day, as I have O blood, which is the universal donor type.

Donating blood doesn’t stop me from running that day. I learned the hard way, that if I donate blood in the morning, I should not run 13 miles in the afternoon. Since it was Thursday, I did my now normal 6.1miles from My Lovely and Talented Wife’s meeting location to home. My time was slower than my previous run of the same course, but not too far off and I was pretty happy about that.

How Soon I Forget

080911run1The last run of August was another run with the Double Stroller and the Kids for a 2.5mile run to the park, a rest time while the kids play and the 2.5mile run back. It’s not an easy run to begin with because 3rd Creek Greenway has a number of hills that aren’t very big, but have decent grade to them. Then there is whole approximate 70 pounds of kids and 30 pounds of Stroller to push around.

How quickly I forgot that I had donated blood when that run that day seemed extra difficult. WHY was I running out of breath so soon and WHY did I feel more tired at the park (turn-around) then I usually do at the finish. Then it occurred… Uh, you gave BLOOD on Thursday Doofus and it’s just Saturday… Saturday Afternoon in 90 degree heat… MO-Ron. Ahhhhhh, yes… that whole “You need blood to carry the oxygen” concept that I learned on School House Rocks! [YouTube Video] so long ago.

So that wraps up my “runs” in August! Of course, now I have September Runs to talk about!


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0 Responses to August Memoirs: I’ve got more runs

  1. Susan says:

    Holy CRAP! 🙂

    I can’t imagine pushing around 100 pounds. Now I completely understand how that helped for the PR last marathon!

  2. penny says:

    OMG – that is just way TMI, Terry.

  3. Petra says:

    OK. You and I could go on a long run together Terry but I’m not bringing the antibacterial wipes … I’m a hardy country lass and all but I’m with Penny here TMI..

    Good job on the stroller run though – those boys are gettting big!

  4. ShirleyPerly says:

    Many people I see pushing strollers seem to be extraordinarily strong runners. Must be something to it!

  5. Jen P says:

    How can you be so gross and cute at the same time?? I guess because it’s at opposite ends. Why oh why did I choose this running report to read??

    Geez, parents are known to talk about poop but not usually their own. I hope for your readers’ sake that this is not foreshadowing of your next Win Crap contest…

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