August Memoirs: I got the runs

Don’t worry: Despite the fact that I the title might reference poop to some, this post doesn’t… the next one does.

Originally this was going to be one post highlighting my running for August but:

1) I am to longwinded on my descriptions of certain generally gross stuff that I do

2) I keep getting interrupted from my blog to help troubleshoot problems of someone else blog

Therefore, this is Part 1 and as logic would dictate there will be a Part 2 sometime when I can get some time to blog, like at work or something.

I finished August with 69.3 miles, which wasn’t the highest August ever, but still a good amount on mileage. I even busted out a 12 mile run at the end of the month as I move forward in my training for the Rutledge and Flying Monkey Marathons this fall. Let’s take a look at some of my more memorable runs:

August 4th: Treadmill
I got back into the groove of running on the treadmill of all places. I can’t remember the exact reason, but I managed 3 miles despite my last run. I did blog a little bit about this run.

August 7th: Concord Hills
Wanting to take advantage of every opportunity to run, I ran my 5 mile route in the neighborhood. It’s a hilly course and I can tell by my time, in what kind of shape I am in. I finished the course, but my time wasn’t all that great 52:50, when a 49ish would have been a much more encouraging time.

August 9th: The Stroll to Tyson Park
On Saturdays, I either have the kids all day or I have them in the afternoons. Regardless, I take them to Tyson Park and let them play for about 30 minutes until they either soil themselves (The Younger) or start to throw rocks (The Elder). The catch is that we get to the park via 3rd Creek Greenway and the kids are in the double stroller. This isn’t something new. I did the inaugral Worldwide Half Marathon with the kids in the stroller. In fact, I contribute the resistance training of the stroller to my PR time at the Chickamauga Marathon last year. It’s a 5mile course with plenty of shade and hills.

August 16th: Scholar’s Run 5k
5K Road Race 24:58

August 19th: First Long Run
Had my first long run of my marathon training,coming in at 8.2 miles. I explored the new(ish) extension to the 3rd Creek Greenway. A western extension called the Bearden Greenway. It’s pretty darn sweet because when I ran from Volunteer Landing to Farragut in 2001, I had to run on the sidewalks and it SUCKED. So this is a much safer way to make it Northshore, but from here there still is a little work to get to the other West Knoxville Greenways (Weisgarber and Jean Teague)

[ed. okay, here is the end of Part 1]

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4 Responses to August Memoirs: I got the runs

  1. Susan says:

    Strolling = resistance training — I am loving that idea!

  2. Stacie says:

    LOL sounds like you’ve been on the run this past month! LOL get it? on the run? Ha! I slay me!

    Can’t wait to hear about your marathons.

  3. Petra says:

    Susan’s getting with the program there – no more bingo wings when you’re pushing that baby honey!

  4. ShirleyPerly says:

    I’m glad to hear it was the legs that did the running!

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