Hardware – Software

In our house [in the middle of our street] there’s an aura of geekiness…

I recently exploited some of my hardware geekiness in making something that should be recycled into something that can actually function (huh, I wonder in I can put Google’s Chrome on there). When it comes to software, I can fumble around to an answer… that’s how I became so proficient in Excel, but if I could learn SQL coding, I’d be dangerous.

But if you want to really geek in the family, look no further than My Lovely and Talented Wife… In her previous life, she constructed an Address Book that we could select people for our Christmas Card lists each year… It was alot like Plaxo only in Access. Now, she’s Got Her Geek On in WordPress.

I moved from LiveJournal to WordPress because it gave me more control over what I could do and how I could make things look. But for me, the prepackaged Plugins and Themes worked just fine, maybe a minor tweak here or there, but nothing major. Enter My Geeky, Lovely and Talented Wife. If there was a plugin, that didn’t quite do what she wanted to do, she stripped it down and rebuilt it to get it to do exactly what she wanted.

Then there are the themes. And I do say theme(s) plural because she has WordPress for both her Career Website (Pink Powerhouse) and Her Personal Blog (What Jen Finds). Both themes had been altered quite a bit to get everything to work. But that wasn’t good enough for What Jen Finds. Oh no…

If you are a seasoned reader (bless you my child) you can remember the orange theme that I had, which was a hack of another theme, but for the most part, the original theme was intact? Well, My Lovely and Talented Wife has changed the theme of her blog so much that it’s her own theme. She’s been Coding CSS, Plundering in PHP and Embracing her inner-geek.

Case in point, you might remember when people couldn’t comments on my theme because of some conflict with the plugin, well she fixed her plugin… and now it works perfectly. Me, I just deactivated the plugin and moved on.

So tonight she’s all giddy because she’s making little tweaks to her theme… it IS the little things. I ? my Geek.

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0 Responses to Hardware – Software

  1. dpal says:

    Do you still have the masthead image of the earthrise? I think that image would look good here

  2. Susan says:

    Gotta love a geek! I love mine!

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