Planet3rry Observations: What Not Too Wear

I’m not HUGE into Fashion, my favorite Brand Name of clothes is Old Navy and I love to shop the Clearance Racks of Target and Kohl’s. As a result of My Lovely and Talented Wife’s career, I understand that your appearance makes a HUGE difference not only with how people perceive you (such as first impressions) but also how you perceive yourself.

Before Kids when our TV wasn’t permanently stuck on either PBSKids or Nickelodeon, and in between sports games, we actually watched Television Shows… in their ENTIRETY. Okay, so we usually took a 3rd Quarter Nap during NFL games…

So we were loyal fans of Trading Spaces and shows like that and so I started to watch (because I was too lazy to change the channel) What Not to Wear. At first, the long-haired freak on the show was wearing stuff that I was thinking, “Uh… that’s NOT what to wear dude. I thought you were a professional!” But as I got into the show, I was drawing connections to the people that they were stalking “fixing”. For YEARS, I was the Umbro Shorts wearing guy. In Fact, since I was playing soccer in the 1980s, I was wearing Umbro shorts LONG before they became fashion in the early 1990s. Perhaps, I was the trendsetter.

It wasn’t until I went to grad school in 1993 that I actually had a few cloth shorts in my everyday wardrobe… and they weren’t that bad either. They had more than one pocket, but they weren’t quite as easy to disrobe. And now I just use Umbros for running shorts and not everyday fashion.

So, I have tried to make some kind of strides to improve my fashion. Keeping it simple has been the best thing for me… solid colors, not mixing patterns etc. Some times, I will get something fashionable if it’s on sale and I try not to buy clothes on the clearance rack just because they are cheap, only to have to wait 20 years before they are in fashion again.

So when I was running errands last week and saw this girl walking down the street, I immediately thought of What Not to Wear. I think it was that the skirt and boots are a black/white pattern and they match. What is your opinion? Need some help or Fashion Guru…


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0 Responses to Planet3rry Observations: What Not Too Wear

  1. She needs some serious help!

    Visit me @

  2. tnchick says:

    maybe those boots were made for walkin’….

    umm. sorry, i don’t know what else to say – i’ve witnessed worse but she could have done much better.

  3. Marianna says:

    LMAO! Seriously, a fashion faux pas!

    I love that show ~ I miss seeing it so much!


  4. darrell says:

    Stacey and Clinton would have a field day with that one.

  5. Petra says:

    Bad outfit. Really really bad. What was thinking?

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