August Memoirs: Ancient Hardware

In the Higgins Stronghold, we have a wifi network for our internet connection and most of the computers are networked together and share a printer. One of the upgrades for our network is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) Drive, so that we have more space and I can schedule backups, etc.

In the mean time, I took some ancient part and put together something of a museum piece… a 200MHz, 64MB Ram, with 4GB Hard Drive, no Floppy Drive, and a 24x CD-R drive. So when you have a computer of this Power what can you put on here that will work? Windows 3.1? Windows 95/98?

Nah, I wanted to try something FREE and powerful for the computer. So, I tried Linux, Ubuntu 8.04 first. However not even Ubuntu could load up on this machine. So I asked the Almighty Linux Knowing Dpal-In-Law on what options I might have for this archaic system. I remembered a version of Linux that I had played around with called Puppy Linux. I had seen a post by about putting Puppy Linux on a USB Drive and could load Puppy Linux on a computer and work from it.

Well, one of the suggestions from Dpal was Puppy Linux. Sure enough, it did work. So, I have Puppy Linux running on this computer. Now, I have to plug it up to network (hard wired) and see if I can get it to talk to the other computers… that’ll free up some space for someone at least until I can get a NAS drive.

Here’s a picture of our kitchen table my laboratory:


(you can click it for a bigger pic)


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0 Responses to August Memoirs: Ancient Hardware

  1. dpal says:

    Couple quick things…..
    1) I like the monitor stickerz… they’re kewl!

    2) So does puppy linux come with Samba already installed? I have an old Gentoo Linux machine that pretty much has the same purpose as the machine you have. It is a file server and an apache/mysql server so I can test changes on my blog before going live with them….
    Anyway, if you’re experience with puppy is positive, I may just switch distributions for my server as well…

    C) You are missing the last “g” for “jpg” in the link to your pic

  2. Petra says:

    omg. I cannot believe you can do this stuff…

  3. DPeach says:

    I would have thrown Slackware on it, but that is just because I have experience with it. With Slack you have the choice of many different desktop options (desktop meaning windowing systems). I ran Slack for several years, but have moved on to Ubuntu this year, which I love. But for old hardware I would go back to Slack.

    Lots of opinions out there. Each distro of Linux will have a different feel, but they are all essentially the same under the hood.

    Now you need to throw 2 network cards in that and make it your router.

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