The Morning Update

I think I clocked in around 4 hours of sleep last night. Not all of it was consectuative and not all of it was in my own room. At some point, I think around 4am (1 hour of sleep under the eyelids), I had to go to the bathroom. I had been hydrating myself from the run on Saturday and heard some crazy stomping running around like in the hallway. So, I checked it out, The Elder had gotten up and used the bathroom. So after I was finished, I went to la down with him, since he had seen me, I didn’t want to come into our room.

I think around 5:30 (2.5 hours of sleep), I woke up and went into my room into my own bed. It was like a dream from Heaven to know that our Resourceful and Reliable Au Pair started at 6:30am! I didn’t have to get up immediately to try to figure out breakfast and lunch (for our new Kindergartener) and so I slept in… to 6:45am. That’s when my phone starts to go off (NYSE Market Bell) to let us know that we need to get the kids up and *gulp* ready for school!

And it was nice to just lay in bed for 15 minutes until 7am before I mosied out to the kitchen for coffee.


We are getting some remnant of Fay right now, which is good since we haven’t had rain in quite a while. Although it’s not as bad as last year. my grass has gotten crunchy in spots.

As a result, I think I may skip today’s interval run. Maybe instead, I will lift weights tonight…


In a brilliant move last night, I reset my google Reader to “0”. It was at 1000+ of stuff that I needed to read or wanted to read. Don’t freak out about 600 of those were “Deal Websites” and so those go quickly. What DOES suck, actualty it Suckity Suck Sucks is that some of my fave Sites that had amazed a number of blog entries were also reset. I had wanted to save them for when I have time time really absorb the full flavor of the blog post.

But nope. Gone. So if I am totally clueless about something that happened that you posted in your blog, please forgive me.


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0 Responses to The Morning Update

  1. dpal says:

    I wanted to share with you something I do to help get caught up on my Google Reader…
    I make a separate folder called “expendable” for stuff that is lower on the scale of importance. Things like Amazon’s DOTD, Engadget, and DIGG feeds go there.

    So if I get too far behind, I can just highlight the “expendable” folder and Mark them all as read without worrying if I missed a Planet3rry post or finding out that Jen found something without me knowing…. Hope this helps you!

  2. Susan says:

    Best of luck with kindergarten!

  3. Stacie says:

    aaaaahhh! this explains much.

    I think..

    Yay for Kindergarten! I hope the Elder loves it!

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