Running Math

Here’s some new math for you…

26.2 +26.2 = Bronze

Okay, maybe there are too many numbers there. Let’s Try again

080731monkey + 080731rut= 080731maniac

How about that? I know that maybe one or two people will know exactly what my two equations mean. Some of you might have a clue, some of you might have an idea and the rest are scratching your heads saying “I’m outta here, this dude is WHACK!”

If you happened to hear my last Gravity@1053′ Episode #21 when I said that I had Fall Marathon plans and those changed pretty quickly last week, that is the equation above. I know it’s not like ordering from the Picture Menu at McDonald’s but it’s pretty obvious right? No. You need me explain? Really? You Sure? Okay… Really?

OKay, (math) class has begun:

The first picture is the logo for Harpeth Hills Attacking Flying Monkey Marathon which is my Marathon de L’automne. How can you just not like the Monkey?

The Second picture is of a marathon that My Lovely and Talented Wife found for me. I bet she is kicking herself now. The second picture is the “graphic” I found for the Rutledge Marathon, a brand spanking NEW marathon in our local area (within 100mi). The Catch? It’s one week before the Harpeth Hills Marathon.

So what is a dude to do? Buhhhhhhhhh, RUN both… DUH!

So, what it would look like is run the Rutledge Marathon on Saturday November 15th, then the following Sunday November 23rd run Harpeth Hills. No, I am not crazy, okay… well, maybe just a little. So that segue right to the meaning of the last picture.

That last picture is a 8bit picture from Marathon Maniacs website. Running both marathons would qualify me for the Bronze (most entry) Level of the Marathon Maniacs.

So that is the news from Planet3rry Headquarters: Two marathons, Back-to-Back Weekends, certified Maniac. You’ll be able to follow my training and I may even make a Widget in WordPress just for this Glorious, Magnificant, Outlandish attempt. Next thing I’ll tell you is that I am going to run an Ultra…

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0 Responses to Running Math

  1. Susan says:

    WHOO HOO! I knew what it meant. But I’m a genius. Ha!

    I think this is GREAT! I want to be a Maniac one day, so I am going to observe your experience very carefully. Go Coach go!

  2. ShirleyPerly says:

    Oh yeah, I’ve seen that crazy guy on the right side of the equal sign many times at my races. 2 marathons a week apart I don’t mind but 2 marathons in a weekend, however, I won’t do. Good luck with your maniac quest!

  3. stacie says:

    P3! YOU TOTALLY ROCK! You can SOOOOO do this! DH and I keep talking about the M word around here, but at the same time we keep saying we need to get through this half first and go from there. We went out last night and saw “UltraMarathon Man” at the theaters and Terry, I swear, if you haven’t seen it or read the book, you just HAVE to! you HAVE to! He’s an Ultra runner…but SOOOOOO Inspiring!

    *Stacie walks away serenading P3* “he’s a maniac, a maaaaaaneeeeaccc out on the couurrssseeee….maniac, maaaaaaaaneeeeeacccc…out on the cooooouuuurrrsseeeee!
    Maniac, maaaaaannnnnniaaaaaaaK…..”

  4. darrell says:

    You can totally do it. Congrats for having the wherewithall to give it a try. Heck you could run the Memphis Marathon a week or two after that. I say go for it. šŸ˜Ž

  5. Trent says:

    Methinks this is not a wise move. The Monkey is not to be taken lightly. Flying monkeys just don’t like it when runners do that. Be careful. Be very careful. The monkeys will be looking for you…

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