In the Year of Election

I had been thinking about what it would be like if Planet3rry ran for public office and just what public office it would be. It would definitely have to be more of a “No one else wants to do it” for me to actually take the job (or be elected). And I did have to run against someone, I’d definitely have to take the stance: Vote for BLANK, they’re better. Sure I’d get some sympathy votes, but that’s just the way that I roll.

I was thinking about this because of the massive amount of mudslinging that goes on during the Presidental Election. The two camps of Obama and McCain can’t poop fast enough to arm their arsenal and TV adds. It’s a He said, He Said world and so it makes other candidates such as Barr and Nader seem viable just because their not wasting their resources going overboard trying: Not too tell you how good they are, mind you, but rather how much the other candidate sucks.

And this led me to this blog and the big stinking pile of ammo against me were I to run for public office. I mean, I don’t really censor much of anything around here, when I do publish it. Sure there are things that only My Lovely and Talented Wife knows, but there are plenty of things here that would kill a political career. Although, if you can smoke crack cocaine with hookers and STILL get elected, then I might have chance with some of my antics.

I actually had to write this random post, because it’s getting in the way of me concentrating on more important things right now. So, I need to suck it out of my brain and clear the way for the week’s task at hand.

Another thing that has been going on is my weight. I changed Meds from Lexapro to Fluvoxamine and love it. It has the same anxiety power to it with less of the side effects as well. It’s a twice a day pill, but that’s fine… out of 14 pills to take, I usually only miss 1 per week, but when I do miss it I can tell. Also, as a result of this new meds, I don’t “feel” as fat and My Lovely and Talented Wife says that I don’t look at pudgy and have less Love Handles (although there’s plenty of Love to handle! RAOW!). But what is odd (besides the number 177) is that my weight has remained the same at the upper level of the 170s. In fact, just the other day, I had a patriotic weight of 177.6 and even as high at 178.8. So, I am not losing any weight, but since I feel better, it’s not a problem. Or rather, it’s less of a problem. So I am pretty happy.

The best part of the new meds is that it’s generic, so it’s only $5 as opposed to $20. SCHWINGGG!

I’m also doing some experimenting Mad Scientist drug cocktail as well. I can’t confirm or disconfirm the ingredients, dosages or other statistical methods that I am doing in my research, but I’ll be begging forgiveness on Tuesday and perhaps getting the Green Light for more research.

So, It’s a Monday… and I need to get this week started. Changes in the Theme will happen during the week. DOn’t adjust your television set if the colors and or content go crazy.


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0 Responses to In the Year of Election

  1. Susan says:

    Sounds successful to me.

  2. DPeach says:

    New meds are great when they work.

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