July and The Running

I’ve been kinda quiet on my running, but the truth be told, I haven’t really ran at all this month, except for the Fireball run/walk 5k. Part of the problem has been that I have been busy OR I pretend to be busy at lunch and thus didn’t go to workout. It’s not like it’s super hot or anything (yet) but I am struggling withmy performance at Fireball, whether I had allergies or a sickness or not.

So, I kinda decided to take July off from running. It’s not that I am going to be NOT running. I am not scheduling any real runs at this point. I am sure on Terry Day that I might find myself on a trail, but when it comes to the lunch time runs, eh… not so much.

I am working on a Gravity@1053′ that will reveal my Fall Marathon, which I will begin training for on 8/4. Once that happens, it should change my focus back to running. Hopefully, I can catch up on my sleep before then. I am in a HUGE sleep deficit right now.


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0 Responses to July and The Running

  1. Susan says:


    Looking forward to Gravity. Very much!

  2. Mark says:

    Hey Terry,

    It’s funny, about 3 weeks after my VA Beach Half Marathon I ran 8 miles in 64 minutes.
    After that run I stopped and had a Forest Gump moment, “and just like that my running days was over…….”
    Needless to say I didn’t run the Marine Corp Marathon.
    I really haven’t run much since.
    Maybe I’ll get back into it, who knows.

    Good luck on your fall training.


  3. DPeach says:

    Don’t worry about not running so much. Maybe you just need a break. Breaks are good as long as they don’t stretch out too long.

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