Project Elijah: MTB

One of my heroes is Elijah Talley. He’s my Lance Armstrong of the kid universe, so much in fact that I replace my LiveSTRONG bracelet with a Pray for Elijah bracelet. Although I have never met him, I am very good friends with Susan from Olive Branch who is Elijah’s biggest fan. I would not doubt for a moment that if Susan from Olive Branch were to have kids, if the boy had “Elijah” in the name or the feminine version in the girls’ name. If Elijah was ever missing, she would be suspect #1.

Oh, did I mention that this dude has beaten cancer twice… and he’s 7?

So when life throws him some lemons, Elijah makes lemonade. Not just any lemonade, but high profile Lemonade.

Here’s a link to Susan from Olive Branch’s site about Elijah’s Lemonade Stand

If you couldn’t partake of Elijah’s Frosty Beverage yourself, you could contribute to a virtual lemonade stand. Well, when I was writing a comment to Susan’s post, I had a great idea! I’ll Trade for Lemonade. Sure! I donated $477 to Knoxville’s Breakthrough Corporation on World Autism Day on a trade that I made on that day. Well, I am going to do the same… and you can follow from home. In fact, maybe this will encourage you to donate to Elijah’s cause. And I love games/contests so this is going to make the trade fun and it’s for a good cause!

So here are the rules:

Elijah’s Trade:
MTB AUG 08 $65 PUT
The company is M&T Bank Corporation

This is PUT option which means we want the stock price to go DOWN.

Stock Price at Market Close on 07/14/2008 is $58.85
I bought this option for $380. Currently it’s worth $945 as of close of business on July 14th.

I will continue to hold this option until one of these scenarios happen:
1)The Stock Price shows no more weakness and looks as if it will start to increase

2)It decreases in value to $760, which I will close the trade out for 100% profit of my purchase price… $380 to Elijah, $380 back to me

3)This Option will expire on August 21st. I will close it on Aug 1st to preserve any time value left in the option and what ever profit will be sent over

And yes, there is a selfish reason for me to do this… I want to help Elijah’s cause and get the tax write-off (win-win). So, I am going to try to set up something in my Sidebar so that you can track from home


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0 Responses to Project Elijah: MTB

  1. Susan says:

    I think this is amazing!

  2. Petra says:

    Very very cool Terry!

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