Photo Hunters: Support


This Week’s Theme: Support


Disclaimer: This is not my kid.

I was having a really difficult time thinking of an idea for this week’s theme of Support. In fact, this picture was hunted on Saturday the 12th at a Child’s Birthday. When I was thinking of support, I couldn’t really come up with a good idea for it. This was taken at The Little Gym for one of the Kids’ Friend’s Birthday Party. Here we can see the support that the bar has to keep the kid suspended in air. Also, there is his strength of his muscles that supports him in being able to maintain this position. Have a Great Week!

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0 Responses to Photo Hunters: Support

  1. Lt Mascara says:

    Thats a great choice! As I was clicking the iGoogle reader link I was thinking “he’s so going to use a pic with a bra in it” for support!

  2. LingoVise says:

    this is a great shot for this week’s theme… nicely done!

  3. KylieM says:

    Very cool shot .. and an excellent take on support! love it …hopefully i will be taking photos like this soon, my middle boy is just about to start gymnastics!! I am a bit behind on two weeks of PhotoHunts, but did them both together the other day 🙂

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