Just Another Manic Monday

Actually it’s not THAT bad.

It’s the end of the MK year, so there’s a bunch of stuff to finish so My Lovely and Talented Wife can close out the 2007-2008 year which was filled with a rollercoaster of activity. Like my Success Sunday, My Lovely and Talented Wife has been setting herself on FIRE these past few months. Granted she’s already pretty damn HOT, but talking about her business, it has really seen a big increase due to a number of things falling into to place.

So, this weekend was filled with helping her out with some of the last minute details as opposed to doing my normal computer thing such as Photo Hunters or Success Monday Sunday. I do have a picture for Photo Hunters that I took this past Friday, so that will go up when I get home.

I didn’t get to workout this weekend like I had wanted to… I had wanted to get on the Road Bike and crank out some miles, but our Resourceful and Reliable Au Pair worked Saturday Morning and that let me sleep IN. Although, I did have to fend off kids from about 5:30-7am, when our Resourceful and Reliable Au Pair started working, I finally got up at 10am. I felt like I had wasted a whole day!

I took the kids to a Birthday party on Saturday at a Gymnastics place. I was the only parent who was running around with the kids. The Birthday Boy parents were down on the floor, taking pictures and making sure the kids were killing each other. One other parent, finally, decided to jump into the pit of sanitary foam blocks. I saw this as a perfect way to do some cross-training.

Sunday was nice because we made it back to Sunday School and Church. Seeing that is one of my few social outlets, it was nice to get back into the swing of things. However, The Elder decided to show some unmentionables in his classroom as he got frustrated because he couldn’t find the train box. Kids and I did some more errands on Sunday, including a trip into the country roads of East Tennessee. I know that I would have scared the poop out of My Lovely and Talented Wife, because she gets sick of my driving anyway, but when you get a minivan going 60mph on windy, hilly back country roads… I know there would have been some serious unloading of stomach contents. The kids were indifferent, The Younger was already cranky… and The Elder was sleeping, even when I came across an unexpected Stop Sign and saw that his carseat kept his body in place, he never woke up.

Our trip to Wal-mart wasn’t too bad either. I almost picked up a small water-backback to use when I bike, but I didn’t… I chickened out. Actually, I could probably get some of my trading profits and buy it with that. But, I just need to let you know that I have the Loudest Kid in Wal-Mart… The Younger. He can project his voice so loud that it drowns out the ambinence noise of Wal-mart including the ability to think. And it’s a ramping voice too: daddy, I See DORA. DORA, OVER THERE! NO DADDY! OVER.THERE!

So, if you were in the Lenoir City, TN Wal-mart yesterday and had a blackout from a sonic blast, I apologize.

Okay, I got another post coming right after this one… it’s a Guess My Time, Win Crap post, because someone you know is going to run the Fireball 5k on July 3rd.

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0 Responses to Just Another Manic Monday

  1. Marianna says:

    LOL your kiddo in walmart cracked me up!


  2. Susan says:

    Loud, busy times!!!

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