Give me some Midol

So now that my little Woe-Is-Me Pity party is over, now it’s time to have some real fun. I was so, in a funk that I didn’t even realize that it had been DAYS since I had really exercised. What’s up with that?

Tuesday, I went trail running with one of my friends from church, for anomynity purposes we’ll call him Charles in Charge. Now Charles in Charge is a budding mountain biker, which means he is way better than I am and we were thinking that we’d go to Concord Park for a ride. Or rather a ride for him and a constant battle for me to stay on the trail and avoid the trees and poison ivy.

As luck would have it, his work made him late… one of those normal emergencies escalated to an endless mind numbing meeting. So, we ended up just trail running (as if it’s “just”) but I had already made it to Concord Park with my bike that was kind a broken (i.e. flat).

So we ran the “easy” course of Concord Park, which is still a decent workout. The only reason why it’s “easy” is because for about 1/2 mile during the run, it’s fairly flat near the river and that’s about it. The dilemma I run into is that because I run (alot), people perceive me as some Speed Demon capable of reaching speeds near Mach 1 (my true speed IS classified until 2055). So, when I want to run with others, I have to try to convince them that they don’t run slowly and that I really Want to run that slow. The truth is that I do want to run at that speed. I NEED to run at a speed that is typically slower than what I usually run. The reason for that is because I am incompentent enough to run slow on my own.

If you are new reader, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tempo pace (it’s the running pace were you can just barely have a conversation without killing yourself during the run). If I don’t really pay attention, a Speed workout will slow down to Tempo, a Tempo run will- uh, stay at Tempo and an easy run will speed up to Tempo. Only my Long Runs do I stay “near” my long run pace, but put me at a Race and it’s TEMPO TEMPO TEMPO.

So all that was so that I was very happy to run at that pace because I can’t do it by myself. We ended up going about 3 miles or so and I had a great time. I did most the talking since as a bike rider, he wasn’t quite used to all the knees-bent-running-around stuff. And today, I think I saw some benefits of Tuesday’s Run.

Speaking of Today (which is Thursday), I was going to swim 800 meters to 1200 meters, but when i got into the pool, I decided that I would swim 1600 meters. Well, my body broke down at the 1324 meter mark. I ended up getting a cramp in my left calf muscle which left me to propel myself only with my arms for one length of the pool. I wanted to see how I would fair on a 1 mile swim since My Lovely and Talented Wife is speaking crazy talk… more on that later.

I haven’t committed to Fireball yet. That will probably be our date night that week and although, that’s like one of the perfect date locations for me, My Lovely and Talented Wife doesn’t share that same “passion”. So we’ll see, but I am itching to RACE.


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0 Responses to Give me some Midol

  1. Samantha says:

    Itching? You might need Tinactin instead of Midol.

  2. ShirleyPerly says:

    You know, I’ve really gotten too comfortable with running slow & long all the time. I really need to be mixing things up more running-wise, maybe do some group running for a change.

    I’ll be back later to see what’s this crazy talk all about and why you’re trying to swim a mile. Got me very curious!

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