Almost 7

I had a decent week of running and working out, now that I look back on. I was trying for 7 consectutive days of working out, but due my foregetful nature, must be my… uh…. my uh….

oh, where was I? Yes, working out. I was trying to get 7 days of working out in some fashion. Something that I have not done in a LONG time. Last Monday I had my speed work, then followed by a Tempo run on Tuesday, I saw on Wednesday and lifted weights on Thursday. Friday I swam/ran while on Saturday I biked (sorta)/ran. My plans were to lift weights on Sunday, but I forgot until after I showered at night… so the streak was broken.

This coming up week I will be in Atlanta and so I am not sure that I will be able to workout on Tues/Wed. The hotel that I am staying at does have a workout facility, so maybe I can get some exercise in while I am away. I have a whole post to talk about my weight.

So, Saturday our Reliable and Resourceful Au Pair had the kids in the afternoon, so with My Lovely and Talented Wife away doing a class, I had a mini-Terry day. So, I wanted to get some biking in since I do have a Triathlon this weekend and I haven’t done all that much biking. Should result in a slow time and a sore ass.

It was the middle of the day, so I decided instead of taking the road bike to 3rd Creek Greenway, I would get the Mountain Bike out and go to Concord Park and do some brick (mountain bike/trail run) work. It would keep me in the shade.

Concord Park, however, is really too technical for me right now. There are too many turns on the (very) single track, plus the inclines are not friendly to runner or biker. Regardless, I was out to get some biking in, even if I toppled over into the Tennessee River. 15 minutes into my bike, I was having a really hard time riding. The bike felt sluggish and I kept sliding in the turns. I look back and see that my rear tire is flat.

Oi! I must of have done something when I replaced the inner tube (or the tubing is bad). I had to walk my bike about 1/2 mile or so back to the beginning of the trail where I left my running stuff. I put on my running shoes and Camelbak and headed out to the trails.

And answering a question that ShirleyPerly had about wearing street shoes out on the trail: I only do it out of necessity. I just don’t have the capital to buy running specific shoes like I used to. At one of my Big South Fork Races when I did have trail shoes (New Balance 801s I think), they save my foot. The toe of the shoes were covered with an extension of the sole of the shoe that came up and wrapped around. I think it was there for mud protection, but while running, my foot had a direct hit with a small tree that had been cut and the stump was about 2″ protruding from the ground. Had I been wearing street shoes that have softer Toe Boxes, I would have done some damage. Instead, the extra rubber saved my little piggies for another day. So, until my running budget increases, I am stuck with regular running shoes… which they work fine for about 80% of the time.

Since I am not familiar with the distance on the trails, I just go to run the hills, I have set my average pace at 10:00 min miles.This makes the Math really easy and I am typically satisfied with the results. So, while I only biked 1/10 of what I wanted to, I did get my 3 miles done.

Today, Monday, I had decided not to do any speed work because I have a race this coming up weekend. However, I was not very motivated today to any type of distance and with my probable sloth days on the road, I decided to go with speed work today. I only did 2/3 of my normal speed distance but instead of doing 800 (1/2 mile) repeats, I did 400m repeats on the track. My last repeat was a 1:34, which correlates to a 6:19 mile, I was kinda surprised I had gone that fast because it felt ALOT slower!

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0 Responses to Almost 7

  1. Rob says:

    Phew! I’m exhausted just from reading this post 😉 Nice work Terry, and keep all the great content coming!

  2. ShirleyPerly says:

    Glad you got the flat fairly early on. Would have been a bummer to have to walk back a couple miles pushing a bike. Thanks for the info on the trail shoes, or rather lack thereof.

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