Cutting the Cape

Since August of 2007, I have been letting my hair grow out. Some of you noticed that my hair was kinda crazy when I went running in the mountains earlier this month. That is a true statement, my hair is not naturally straight, it has some body to it, but it’s thin (fine). This means that if I don’t have product in it, it gets “poofy”. You can see this in the picture of me in the mountains, I have some product on it, but for the most part it’s in its poofy state.

Now, I haven’t gone the entire time without getting a trim. My Lovely and Talented Wife is not only my beauty consultant, she’s also my beautician. She has trimmed around the edges and has thinned out the bulk of my hair with some thinning shears. In May, I asked her to Cut the (Ape) Cape.

Now this hasn’t been the first time that my hair has been long… I have some older pictures of me in High School when having a mullet was cool acceptable. But honestly, do I want to have those pictures out on the web? Don’t worry, it’s against my nature not to post something that doesn’t poke fun at me. Look for pictures after the Jump.

In 1990, I whacked my mullet and for the next five years just had a regular “ho-hum” hair cut. Then when I was a grad student at UVa, I let my hair grow wildly for about 18 months. In fact, I only trimmed near my ears and the man(g)e grow out. I think I was rebelling against something my Mom said. I got it cut short again in 1994.

I think kept it fairly short for a number of years until 2001 when I decided to let my hair grow out. I think I let it grow out for about 8 months. And since 2001 was the year, I was turning the big 3-0, I decided to do something WILD! Something I hadn’t done since 1986… color my hair blonde. So, in Sept 2001, we colored my hair. It was a shock for everyone here, seeing that they didn’t really know the ‘Virginia Terry’ and that I was capable of doing Random Acts of Weirdness.

I actually loved my hair when it was long in 2001. On our 7 day cruise, my hair was versatile enough that I wore it differently each night. But the best part was near New Year’s Eve, My Lovely and Talented Wife put my hair in corn rows! Talk about turning heads… it was fun.

But after 2001, my hair has been going in phases… in 2003 it was long, since we just had our first kid, haircuts was low on the list of must haves. Same thing in 2005… I let my hair get long again. In between these times, I went for the short on top, so that it could be messy or I could lay it flat.

But now, I am in the mode of letting my hair grow out, but made a pretty drastic change as I was tired on the mullet in the back. I decided to have My Lovely and Talented Wife cut it off. And she did. Actually she cut it off and then a couple days later she trimmed it again and it’s been awesome. The top is long now and when I flat iron it, it lays straight, just how I want it too, but my DNA says : Wavy hair. So, you can see my current hair in my Bad Hair Photo Hunters submission.

So now the pics:

Here’s before the cut:



And the other side… feel the wave



Here’s Terry in his “natural environment”, but you can see the length growing down the front.
(Photo courtesy of The Elder)



Here’s The Beautician of Seville My Lovely and Talented Wife cut my hair, notice the long cuts on my shoulder
(Photo courtesy of The Elder)



So here are some shots how things used to be… T-Money with Intellispecs, the Educated Rapper has nothing on me!
(HAHA! That the same point of view as the picture above, but the walls are painted above!)


Hair, stuck in corn rows for days, does not unravel well (It’s like Kid’s Hi Top Fade Fell)


I did have it long when it was blonde, this was right after the 2001 Richmond Marathon


And now for something completely different, The SHORTEST my hair has even been, which would have been July of 2006



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0 Responses to Cutting the Cape

  1. Marianna says:

    Ok wow, This is the metamorphosis of Terry… LOL

    Not sure if I’m digging the blonde ~ but then again, I like dark hair better…


  2. Samantha says:

    Wow, the many stages of T3rrys’ mane…interesting! All looks are pretty cool…uh…except post corn row…thats a little unnerving. The buzz ain’t bad…then again I’m stuck in Navy world, its what I’m used to!


  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — the buzz really suits you!

  4. Susan says:

    Jen is quite the artist, I must say! 🙂

    For the record I am growing out my also-fine hair to donate to Locks of Love. I have at least 2 more inches to go. Chasen is in long hair heaven!

  5. Leesa says:

    I’m lovin the undone cornrows 🙂
    I think blonde looks nice 🙂

  6. Junior Johnson says:

    You have more patience then me….I cant let me hair grow for more than a month.

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