Photo Hunters: Bad Hair


This Week’s Theme: Bad Hair

This week’s Photo Hunter’s Theme is Bad Hair. I thought that I would again tie in last week’s theme (SELF) with this week’s theme as this is a picture of me.

I had originally wanted to take a bad hair picture after my trail run on Tuesday. However, that didn’t happen. So, this pictures is from Friday after a “brick” workout. I swam 400 meters with a swim cap then I got out of the pool and put on my shoes and socks. I then ran 1.1 miles around campus. This was taken just minutes after finishing the run in the locker room (before a well needed shower).

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0 Responses to Photo Hunters: Bad Hair

  1. philos says:

    Who cares about hair if you can run and swim like that… man, I need to exercise hehe

  2. Samantha says:

    That is NOT bad hair!

  3. LATW says:

    That’s what I said too! I could think of better specimens of bad hair. Maybe “bad” is really “good.” As in You go with your super bad hair!

    • Samantha says:

      Good point, great interpretation! I was thinking “bad” as in “Dear God someone get me my biosilk, flat iron, root touch up and…..oh, nevermind, just put a hat on the darned thing!”

  4. tnchick says:

    Folks said my son’s hair wasn’t bad, either… but to me it was… even if wet…

    Nice choice for the bad hair week – and know it’s good when you can look good with bad hair LOL

  5. Susan says:

    I agree – that is not bad hair! Just wet hair.

  6. chelle says:

    I know that buried in a shoebox somewhere I have a photo from when I attempted to give you a haircut. That was in your soccer-mullet days too, so that would definitely be a contest winner.

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