Diesel vs Jones

Setup: Friday is our family movie night, it’s a time where we follow the night routine until after tubtime. Instead of the strict 2 books and light outs (lock doors if you try to sleep somewhere in the house), we go for a movie time and let the kids stay up past their normal 7:15 bedtime. Either 1) They fall asleep during the movie or 2) they’ll fall asleep faster in their room.

A couple of weeks ago, I busted out Stuart Little (old skool) VHS tape. It just so happened that in the previews was a promo for Thomas and the Magic Railroad. Thomas the Tank Engine and trains (in general) are The Elder’s special interest. His world revolves around trains or Thomas, so when he saw this promo, he got SO excited. So excited that we rewound the tape so that he could see the promo again.

We decided that I would get the DVD of it at the local used/trade bookstore McKay’s since I knew it was there. The movie would be a treat for Eric as a reward or some other special occasion.

The Scene: The Elder and My Lovely and Talented Wife are talking about what movie they were going to watch this friday.

“What movie do you want to watch?”

“Indiana Jones”

“Really? Why?”

“Because it’s Daddy’s Favorite”

Now, that’s just awesome, not only because he’s succumbing to the marketing (as much as I have) with the new Indiana Jones movie, but he’s actually thinking about someone/something else then HIS special interest.

So, now we come to the choice on Friday Night Family Movie Night, I had taken the 4CD set of the original Indiana Jones Trilogy (plus bonus features) along with Thomas and the Magic Railroad sort a hidden. The thing would be to show him Indiana Jones and make sure that was he wanted to watch (The Younger gets screwed in the whole Movie Night decision process), then we’d pull the “Are You Surrrrrrrrrrrrre” card and show him Thomas and the Magic Railroad, forcing him into a frenzy.

Well, the joke was on us. We pulled the “Are you sure” and he was sure that he wanted to see Indiana Jones, NOT Thomas and the Magic Railroad… okay, whatever. So, I put in Raiders of the Lost Ark (yea, I threw away my chances at Dad of the Year award). It was too my advantage that I had scene it 50 1000 times, so I knew when to prep them for what comes up in the movie:

“Okay guys, here comes some tarantulas, do you know what they are?”

“Okay Guys look for the snake”

‘Guess what Indiana Jones, I’m’, “LA LA LA LA LA”, ‘partner’

But we didn’t make it through the movie. We tried to get him excited about the Map Room, because he loves maps, but that didn’t work and so we switched the movie. However, Raiders of the Lost Ark continued to play to its entirety in my head.

The Rest of the Story: When we put in Thomas and the Tank Engine, The Elder started freaking out. He did NOT want to watch the video. WAH? No Thomas? So we changed the video, again. He ended up watching a video on how an M Class Mercedes vehicle is made… it was pretty fascinating,

Apparently, there is a train in Thomas World called Diesel 10. Diesel 10 is an obnoxious trouble maker and apparently pretty rude. I think he’s just pissed that he has to pay $4.50 per gallon for fuel. Anyway, this character scares the bajeezus out of him, kinda like how the clown in Poltergeist gives me the heebee jeebees even though I’ve seen that movie 1000 times.


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0 Responses to Diesel vs Jones

  1. Petra says:

    Oh man! We’ve been through years of Thomas (and my 5 year old still likes to fall asleep to his Thomas tapes though it has to be said he prefers Ringo reading to whatisname Baldwin..). I’m impressed – I think Indy would be too much (even though we now have Indiana Jones lego and the marketing is working on us all). As for diesel prices – come to Europe if you think you have it bad!

  2. Marianna says:

    I love Thomas! Even as an adult, I love Thomas! He was cool!


  3. LATW says:

    Until The Elder, I have to admit that I thought Thomas & Friends were a little ho hum…and a little freaky. I mean what is up with those eyes? Its like walking without swinging your arms…freaky I say.

  4. Roon says:

    Kudos for giving it a try. I can’t convince Nolan to watch Indy, even though he knows I love it. Thomas would watch it in a heartbeat, but I think he’s still a little too young.

    Fortunately, I seem to have succeeded in getting both boys hooked on “Doctor Who.”

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