Nature, Brick and Intervals

This is one of those “boring, running posts”, so if boring and running posts bore you, you can move along. If somehow, they do interest you… sad, so let’s get going!

After my trail run from Last Tuesday, I took Wednesday off from running. Could have been that I had a doctor’s appointment at lunch. I really wasn’t sore from the run either, but really, most of the trail was flat and I didn’t go that far (7 miles).

Thursday, I think are going to be my ‘Tempo to Easy’ days. I said it this way, because they should really be Easy days with everything that I have planned out, but let’s face it. I can’t run easy unless I am running with someone else who wants to run easy. If I am the lead, then I will creep into Tempo pace. So, I should really call them Tempo with a chance for Easy pace.

So on Thursday, when my first mile was a 9:24, I was pretty pleased that I was more on the Easy pace. I was off to do 4 miles on my Market Square Fab 4 course. Mile 2 in 9:18 and I was at mile 2.5 when I started to get a call from Nature. Then, it got Urgent (Urgent, Urgent, Urgent, Emergency…) and I went from an Easy run to a walk. Once again, I was stuck with no where to go and and 1.5 miles from the Aquatic Center. It took me 24 minutes to walk waddle back. I think the main catalyst for this was that I started back on my morning smoothie and there is a ridiculous amount of Fiber in the mix I use… and Fiber + Running = speedier process.

Moving along…

Fridays, I have dubbed Brick Days. I thought a funny ‘Frickin’ Brickin” workout name, but thought it was too Frickin’ stoopid. But I think through the summer, I will make Fridays Brick Days. I chose a swim/bike brick for Friday’s workout. I originally wanted to do 800m swim / X mi bike. Meaning that I would just bike as long as time allowed to see where I was. I wasn’t sure how fast I could ride anyway, so this was a feeler sort of ride.

I ended up only swimming 400 meters (9:13) then took a 9:33 min transition. But really this was getting out of the pool and figuring out how to get my goggles and cap into the bottle holder so that it wouldn’t fall out during the ride. Plus a little bit of the time was getting from the aquatic center to the 3rd Creek Greenway. I averaged at 15 mph ride for 6 miles once on the greenwat. I did have to stop a couple of times for traffic, plus some of the hills and just getting tired. So, I was very pleased with the Brick workout.

Saturday and Sunday, I didn’t do anything workout related. There was a window of opportunity to take the kids in the stroller, but I was a little lackluster about going out with the kids in that. I just wasn’t motivated.

Mondays are Speed Days… I had decided that I would again do 800meter repeats, but that didn’t last long. Mentally, I was ready for the day. Physically, the forces of nature were “testing” me. Monday was near 80F and so that warrants running shirtless during the high heat months of summer. It was also the hottest conditions that I have run in since Fall of last year, by 10 degrees. I did wear my heart rate monitor and the output wasn’t helping either. I maxed at 89% of (my overall) Max Heart Rate and it felt very very difficult. My Average heart rate was 146 (78%) but my Speed Intervals weren’t even 5k race pace. They were more like 10k race pace. My performance had dropped off enough at the end of mile 1 that I had to switch to a 400m interval to survive getting back to the Aquatic Center. Oddly enough, mentally I was still into the run. I could tell there was something wrong. I thought back to what Chelle had commented on my Expo post about the allergens and how that might be affecting my horsepower. Plus, the heat… 800s may have been to long in the heat. I’ll probably have to switch to a shorter interval for the summer.

So, I am heading back out to Forks of the River today for a trail run… and I am little better prepared this week! (but that won’t preclude me from doing something stoopid).

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0 Responses to Nature, Brick and Intervals

  1. Samantha says:

    If you want to stick to your 800’s, why not go for the ‘mill? Yea, I know, the hamster belt sucks but at least there’s fans and air circulation to help the cause.

    Sounds like you’ve got a plan well on track!

  2. Stacie says:

    I think I need your smoothie recipe LOL

    Sheesh P3, if you want an easy run, you should run with can WALK as fast as I run! LOL I was so upset today that 3 miles took me 59 current average pace is 13 minute miles adn this was way over, but it was outside in my neighborhood, with LOTS of hills WAY MORE than I’m used to, and it’s hotter than hades out there. I’m trying really hard not to beat myself up about it. I know I can do better on flat courses adn the treadmill, but I’m trying to get used to running outside to prep for the half marathon.

    oh and that 5K I did last week? Yeah…I totally took a porta potty break! Thank God for porta potties. you outta look into having one installed along your run route ;P


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