The Tri Bounce

Given my history of pneumonia and pleural rubs in the spring time, this leaves me with doing 30k races or less. The rigors of marathon training just doesn’t warrant subjecting my body to the atrocities of lung ailments. This practice would be suspended if:

1) I move to a warmer Spring Climate

2) I were to qualify or invited to run the Boston Marathon (3rd Monday in April)

3) I was sponsored by someone and it was in my “contract” to run a long distance race in the spring

At the present moment, it doesn’t look like any of those are going to happen, so that leaves Fall Long Distance Races for me to chose from. And if you listened to Episode 19 of Gravity@1053′, you’ll know that I am itching to get into marathon training. If you haven’t listened to it, that’s fine, but now you know.

At the beginning of the year, when I laid out “what I would like to do this year”, there were a number of Triathlons on the list. In fact, I wanted to complete an Olympic Distance Triathlon in this Olympic Year. I’ve just about narrowed down my list of potential marathons this year. In fact, I know which one it is going to be, I’m just keeping it a secret because I can register for it yet and when I do, I will unveil its location.

Traditionally, I have started my fall marathon training schedules on August 1st for Marathons in November. And this should be about right. Except right now, I am not sure which training plan I am going to do. Even my very first marathon plan was something that I modified from (Hal) Higdon’s arsenal of training plans. But what plan i am going to do is for another post.

The summer heat is usually enough for me to shift to idling on running. I do 3-4 miles at lunch, typically at my Tempo pace, which makes me faster for my Annual Scholar’s Run 5k in late August. Even though August is typically the Hottest in East Tennessee, I can handle one month of training in it for a marathon then 3 months in it (June, July, August).

This summer is going to be different. This summer I have 2 sprint triathlons on my calendar which is going to carry my training through the summer to leave me more in shape come the first of August. This also means more Guess My Time, Win Crap contest for your enjoyment!

The first Triathlon is the Tellico Sprint Triathlon (800m swim/17mi Bike/4 mi Run) on June 22nd. This is will be the 3rd time that I have done this triathlon, except it will be different from the previous times I have competed. First, it’s going to be at it’s original location (near Tellico Dam), and two it’s going to have a shore enter/exit for the swim. When I did it the first time it was a shore enter and ladder exit. It’s a river swim in the Mighty Tennessee. PLus, when I did it in 2006, I was part of a team and it was Gray (and that’s Like the Color) that did the 17mi bike. He’s not going to be there this year, so that part I will need to do this time. And I can’t “Fake It” like I did at the Trideltathon this year.

The other triathlon is the Westside YMCA Tri (350m swim/8 mi Bike/5k Run) on July 19th. I’ve never done this one and have never heard of it, so it might be knew. Given the location of the Westside YMCA, it’s a pool swim but the bike and run will have plenty of hills. Actually, I know they can make the run semi-flat, but as a runner it’s so sweet to pass the bikers who are struggling up the hill. Especially that 10 year old girl who flew past me on the bike portion of race ringing her little bell.

And with the discovery of these off-road gems (Forks of the River, Great Smoky Mountain National Park Trails) I can at least run under some cover, even if I have to dodge a wild boar or two.

With maintaining and even improving my conditioning over the summer, I might have a legitimate shot at my 5k PR (21:56 2002) and be that much ahead on my marathon training.


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0 Responses to The Tri Bounce

  1. Susan says:

    Come on now! I am dying to know which marathon has your name on it! Seriously — don’t keep a girl in suspense!

    I look forward to your tri experiences!

  2. ShirleyPerly says:

    Look forward to hearing which marathon and about your tris. Can past crap winners try to win more crap? I like guessing.

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