Fun Hazards

Now before you go up in arms and go crazy about the kids being in the plastic container. You know that one with the icon of a kid sitting in the container with a big red circle/slash through it. I can tell you that the top has a few airholes drilled in the op. This way, if the kids want to play insect collector, it’ll be authentic. I am still working on the the wiring for the authentic Bug zapper.

For those who are not part of the Thomas the Tank Engine sub-culture, here’s a clue: Go to Sodor, and find the Fat Controller. One of The Elder’s favorite songs in the Thomas Audio Library is a song called Accidents Happen. Kind of a We’re-All-Gonna-F*(*-Up-Sometimes-So-Get-Over-It-And-Learn-From-It type of song. Closer to Ms. Spear’s Oops, I Did It Again but without the “it again” part.

Now The Elder has been creating elaborate track schemes that usually involve 45 degree drops, hair pins curves at the end, and total drop offs for the trains. Whoever approved these designs had a death wish for theses trains… I suspect sympathizers for the Bus Authority. Apparently, creating these OSHA nightmares isn’t enough anymore… now he has to be part of the fantasy… and he’s influencing warping the mind of The Younger:


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0 Responses to Fun Hazards

  1. ShirleyPerly says:

    My sister and I ruined countless Hot Wheel cars in a similar manner. Or, were they my lil’ brother’s Hot Wheel cars?

  2. Stacie says:

    LOL Bug Zapper….you slay me!

    It looks like they’re having a blast!

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