…and Miracles DO happen

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April 26, 2008

Noble: The donors to St. Joseph’s Catholic school in Petersburg, Va., for saving their school with tremendous fund-raising.

On April 3, Bishop Francis Xavier DiLorenzo of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond announced that the town’s single private, parochial school had less than one month to raise $1 million to save it from closing. St. Joseph’s had been struggling due to underenrollment and high costs. Facing a $500,000 deficit, the bishop set a lofty goal of pulling the school out of debt and paying for improvements to the school and teacher contracts.

Earlier this week, in an effort many are calling miraculous, St. Joseph’s parish leaders announced the school would remain open. In less than three weeks, the community raised more than $900,000 with additional pledges trickling in. It’s clear that the school has earned this astounding success.

For rallying to keep their beloved school open, the donors to St. Joseph’s are the Nobles of the Week.


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