Weight to go

Well, I confirmed that Lexapro causes mysterious weight gain in people even though the medication itself is supposed to be weight neutral. Knowing what I know about Statistics… they may have orchestrated it, but without seeing their analysis it’s just a hunch.

Anyway, I found a message board where a bunch of people were complaining about gaining anywhere from 20-40 lbs using this drug. I actually found some quite humorous because they were “told by their doctor” that it wouldn’t cause weight gain. Uh, when it comes to medications, I don’t really trust ANY doctor to know ALL the side effects. Sure we know that a 4 hour erection with Levitra/Viagra/Cialis is dangerous because it’s shown about every 2 minutes on sports related television stations. I would think that a Pharmaceutical Rep would know more about the specifics of the drug than the doctor. Not bashing doctors, but they should have a working knowledge of the drug, but I don’t expect them to know everything about every drug… there’s a ton out there. And there’s the Intertube for information… anyone heard of The GOOG?

So, I went to the all knowing Intertube to figure out what was up with that. I was pleased to know that this drug did wonders for some people (as it has for me) but they couldn’t stand the weight gain and changed drugs. Yeah… to another depression/anxiety drug that didn’t cause weight gain. *crickets chirping*

so, I know that in my Thermodynamic Diet, the medication is going to work against me. Perhaps I should take up some Crystal Meth for some weight loss. Nah, I’ll go Old Skool with some Speed. Actually, I am going to go a little different and pump up my workout schedule and race schedule. I’m not really going to increase my running (as that would lead to injury) but I am DEFINITELY going to get into marathon training. I DEFINITELY going to do some more multi sport activity. AND, I am DEFINITELY going to go to the Spa more often.

Wah? Go to the Spa? Sure! This past Monday, My Lovely and Talented Wife went to the spa for Date Night. Now, ladies, before you get all ooie-gooie over the fact that I took My Lovely and Talented Wife for a Double Massage… I had help from my Mom. Yeah, I’m not that much of a forward Date Thinker to do that all by myself. Of course, now that “Double Massage” is in my memory banks, it’s a NOUN in my Mab Lib Life. PLus, the fact that I get to be naked (technically covered with a sheet) with THREE other women in the room getting rubbed down by someone other than My Lovely and Talented Wife… uhhhh…errrr….yeah. Be hard to forget that one.

Where the hell was I? Oh yeah. Weight.

So my Initial Reading on the Weight Scale of DOOOOM was 175.6. My goal should be somewhere around 165-167. Apparently, even working out 5-7 days a week with a 1800 calories diet didn’t help one person (which is freaky) on the med. So I need to make sure that I eat smarter… or rather strategically. I going to to workout more to lose weight, but in the process my body is going to demand more calories which won’t go away as fast because of the meds, which will make me workout even more which will… Dizzy Yet?

First thing I need to do is limit the amount of candy bars I eat. Yeah, that’s a no brainer there. I also need to portion control better than I have been and make better decisions when eating out. I’ll also need to move into Grazer mode rather than Feast and Snack mode.

Hmmm… another 25 would put me in the Clydesdale category for races.

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0 Responses to Weight to go

  1. Susan says:

    Oh good lord! (3 women comment)

    Rock on, non-Clydesdale.

  2. Pete says:

    What time-line are you on to lose the weight? Do you have a maintenance plan?

    Good luck.

    At 165, I could lose a few myself and I don’t even jog.

  3. Marianna says:

    LOL I’m with Susan ~ 3 women comment cracked me up!


  4. Be hard to forget that one. Ha ha ha! Good one!

    Seriously, I was on Lexapro and gained weight (and the other side effects that are not so good), but my motto was “Fat and sassy beats skinny and bi-polar.” That said, we all know meds don’t have calories. You have to actually put those in your mouth. So you have the right attitude. More exercise and fewer candy bars. And more massages. Definitely more Double Massages!

  5. Samantha says:

    *chuckle* You have a knack for entertaining!

    I went through the weight/meds thing too…and you can bet I bugged the piss out of my sister who, although not clinical, has enough experience w/ both psychology and with someone dependant on meds to help me out. Many will gain on them and although its not the meds doing it, they’re sparking something in the mind and body that gravitate people towards the pantry more.

    Keep your program mixed up and varied…but then again you know that. I’ll stop sending heavenly balls for awhile! 🙂 Remember proteins are your friend!

  6. penny says:

    So that’s why I’ve packed on the pounds! My doctor doubled my dose of Lexapro as well as my fiancee’s (so we can tolerate each other with less mood swings). It also affects your sex drive – and not in a good way either! I’m beginning to think the whole world is depressed. By the way, you never call, write or send me flowers anymore (just an expression, lovely and talented wife).

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