Run Fat Boy

No, this isn’t a reference to the running movie Run, Fat Boy, Run. No, this is reference to yours truly. And technically, I know that I am not “Fat” but according to the National Institute of Health, I am officially overweight. I know this because my Doctor called me and told me.

He also told me that my cholesterol was back up and that I needed to Eat Better and Lose Some Weight.


Tomorrow… or actually, probably this morning for my regular readers. I will get my morning sans clothing weight and that will be my baseline for my weight loss. [ed. I did get this and it will be in a subsequent post]

I think Stacie is right in the fact that the meds are a culprit of the weight gain. I do need to research to see how much of the weight gain is a result of the medication or if it is making me hungry and thus I grab that extra Snickers bar and get some extra Fat grams there.

As a scientist (I have a piece of paper that kinda suggest I know something of the sciences), I beleive that all diets can be broken down to one thing: Thermodynamics. Just like everything moving in the natural world (paranormal probably acts differently) can be broken down to Vectors, dieting is nothing more than Thermodynamics. Lost? Let me translate: Count Calories.

Food is nothing more than energy. This energy is represented by calories. Some have high calories some have low calories. Calories are calories… but some material mass in food has different amount of calories. Fat has 9 calories, Protein 4, Carbs 9 calories. So, I need to see how many calories I am taking each day and making sure that 1) I am getting enough for my lifestyle and that 2) I’m not going over board on excessive calories. As much as Hallie would argue, you can’t live on a Vitamin pill and Diet Coke alone.

Now, as an athlete, I do have a little advantage here. On days that I have a rigorous exercise, I can eat a few more calories and I can be less picky from the source of the calories. If I get my metabolism furnance hot enough, I can burn it off, to some extent.

Back in 2003, when The Elder was born, I had gained a few pounds and had my sympathy maternity weight and I was pushing about the same size that I am now around 172-178. For about 6 weeks that fall, I did this crazy diet. I made it all the way to 159 and I felt like crap. I couldn’t run fast, but I was thin… I’ll have to break out my times and see how it did affect me. I think an ideal weight for me is about 163-165… I would still be “Overweight” according to “The Government” but I know that is more of a function of my muscles more than fat.

I think now, I am definitely going to participate in some extra races this spring to help with burning the calories. Plus, I’ll switch to some more Salads because they are Gluten Free and Casein Free if you order them right.

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0 Responses to Run Fat Boy

  1. Susan says:

    I am a big fan of salads!

    I have never seen such a scientific approach to dieting. How interesting!

  2. Samantha says:

    Salads are great! And can be so versatile!

    PSSTT Andy is overweight by the government too yet he’s not for the Navy. I agree, you’re definitely not FAT!

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