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That’s RIGGGHHHTTT! It’s time for another installment of the World Famous (believe it because I said so) Guess My Time Contest (that I stole from Marathon Greg). This week is a little difference because I have TWO races: Ribbon Run 5k and Trideltathon.

I’ve decided that I wasn’t going to have 2 contests… but I might give you TWO chances to win. Here’s the skinny: You can Guess My Time for either race or BOTH races. I’ll give you some statistics about the races below to help you make your Guess. The closest person to their respective finishing time will win. I’m not expecting a deluge of guesses based on last week’s contest, BUT should there be a tie of some sort, then I will come up with a great prize in addition to the one that I am about to describe (because I don’t have a picture).

Should you Guess the EXACT time, then I’ll add a BONUS gift because I can’t make this contest’s gift any cooler than it already is.

Guesses are to be made by leaving a comment to this post. Please keep it to this post because my bookkeeper is overworked and underpaid. I will put a link in the “usual” place in case you don’t want to guess now, but need a day to medidate.

Since, the races span two days, I will have to close comments on Saturday sometime. I don’t expect the Ribbon Run 5k results to post THAT day, but you never know.

So what crap-tastic price are you winning? Well, it’s a Planet3rry approved pad of Sticky Notes…. THAT’S right, from the presses of that Spam King, VistaPrint, a pad of highly fashionable sticky notes with “PLANET3RRY” emblazed on the top. Now, I didn’t have the funds to get the 24k embellishment, so it’s just paper.


******Information to use for your Guesses***************

Ribbon Run 5k – I have never run this race before, I don’t know what the course is going to be. I do know that it should be “rolling” hills around here… which to some translates to “Big Mofo Hills” to some. I am anticipating the course being easier than the Spring Sprint 5k from last week.

Although I have Never done this race here are some times of 5k pairings a week apart:

Love Your Library Mar-7-1998 5 k 24:12
Runnin’ O the Green Mar-14-1998 5 k 26:28

Ijams Nature Run Apr-11-1998 5 k 24:16
Dogwood Classic Apr-18-1998 5 k 24:35
Scholar’s Run Apr-24-1998 5 k 23:07

Greenways Apr-3-1999 5 k 25:29
Race for Ed Apr-10-1999 5 k 25:26

Gazebo Run Aug-21-1999 5 k 23:54
Scholar’s Run Aug-28-1999 5 k 22:07

Jingle Bell Jog Dec-4-1999 5 k 23:00
Jingle Bell Run Dec-11-1999 5 k 23:10

Reindeer Run Dec-7-2003 5 k 23:58
Jingle Bell Run Dec-13-2003 5 k 29:59

Trideltathon – This is a Sprint Triathlon that is run by the Delta Delta Delta (can I help ya, help ya, help ya?) sorority which goes to help East Tennessee Children’s Hospital (which has service both the boys). It’s a 400 meter (~1/4 mile) pool swim, 6 mile bike and a 3 mile run. I did this race for 7 years straight, often competing against my friend Gray, yeah… that’s Gray – Like the color. But in 2006, the streak ended and this is the first time that I have done it since 2005, when it was first race coming back from pneumonia.

So here’s the skinny on my Trideltathons:

3.0 m 23:11
6 m-bike 22:16
400 m swim 14:28
Overall 59:55

3.0 m 22:51
6 m-bike 2 01
400 m swim 11:05
Overall 53:57

3.0 m 22:30
6 m-bike 20:51
400 m swim 10:26
Overall 53:48

3.0 m 22:34
6 m-bike 19:37
400 m swim 10:06
Overall 52:17

400 m swim 9:23
6 m-bike 22:33
3.0 m 23:56
Overall 55:51

400 m swim 9:26
6 m-bike 24:20
3.0 m 28:28

400 m swim 9:57
6 m-bike 22:50
3.0 m 25:49
Overall 58:36

3.0 m 22:56
6 m-bike 23:16
400 m swim 10:10
Overall 56:22


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0 Responses to Guess My Time

  1. Pete says:

    5K 25:00

    Trideltathon 55:21

    Good luck on both Ter.

  2. Samantha says:




  3. Susan says:

    5K 23:59 — go Coach!

  4. Susan says:

    58:00 for the Trideltathon