Pre Race Jitters

[ed. I originally posted this as a Page because there is a new Word Press format and I can’t read]

I’ve been having pre-race jitters ever since Friday Afternoon. It’s the anxiety and excitement of running in a race. Not that I am going to place overall or maybe even have an age group showing, it’s just that I’m not exactly sure if the speed work that I have been doing has been long enough yet.

So now it’s about 2.5 hours before race start and I am in my normal morning routine (today making pancakes). I’m not exactly sure what to wear for the race. Given that it’s going to be upper 50s, which is right at a personal cutoff for long/short sleeves, I’m having to decide which wardrobes to bring. More than likely, I will go with the short sleeves since I am truly racing this event.

So when I get back home, I will cutoff comments to Guess My Time and if I know what the official time was then I will post the winner. If not, you’ll have to wait until Monday when they (have in the past) post the results.

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  1. Susan says:

    Oh good ole pre-race jitters! I can’t wait to read how it all turned out.

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