Now, I would imagine that most people would rather have sharp sticks poked in their eyes than go through a vocabulary quiz. Especially some of us who have been out of school for an extended length of time. However, if you don’t use your brain, you’ll lose it. That’s why I think it’s important to participate in Recreational Mathematics. Thanks to Sam I Am, here is way that you can participate in, uh, Recreational Spelling. And, it’s for a good cause. Well, it’s a good cause if you don’t like hunger, famine and death.

(Click picture to go to freerice.com)

So really, this is just a “Brains for Food” Marketing ploy, sounds like the works of zombies to me… good work though.

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0 Responses to Vocabulary

  1. Marianna says:

    I love free rice. I haven’t done it in a while, but it’s a good reminder for me to get over there & think some more!


  2. Petra says:

    My husband and I spent over an hour on this last night doing our competitive spelling – totally addictive stuff!

  3. Hallie says:

    Just emailed you my address!

    I’m heading over to test my spelling!


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