The Mysterious Aspergers

This Article has been around for some time now (Aug 2007). It’s the New Yorker article about Tim Page, an adult with Asperger’s, he recently spoke at the University of Missouri and here is the student newspaper article about the event. (Thanks to Redheaded Editor for the link)

It’s a nice article because it’s not as cumbersome as the New Yorker Article, but it does highlight a few typical Aspergian traits.

the part that struck me was the last two lines of the article:

“MU freshman Simone Francis, a journalism student who attended the event, said she had never heard about Asperger’s syndrome.

“It’s hard to grasp a problem like that when you don’t know how it feels,” Francis said.”


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  1. Stacie says:

    That very last line

    “It’s hard to grasp a problem like that when you don’t know how it feels,” Francis said.”

    really struck me because a girlfriend and I were recently venting about the almost exact words said to us by our husbands. We both felt that it was an incredibly insensitive thing to say. Maybe because we were too close to the situation, maybe because we’re married to the person who said it and we felt they should be more compassionate toward our plights or maybe because we just don’t get that people don’t get it…you don’t have to be IN a situation to know the possibility of it’s existance. We weren’t asking for someone to say “I know how it feels” we just wanted (in this case) or I should say in MY case, I won’t speak for her..*I* just wanted him to know, that I know my limits, so back the F off and stop pushing me…I have this, you don’t, I know how to take care of it, trust that I know what’s best for me in this situation.

    On the other hand, I can totally get that it’s hard to comprehend something that you have never gone through or don’t know how it feels, however, that doesn’t mean there should be a lack of compassion or a lack of trying to understand.

    Am I making any sense here? I don’t know…I just know that when it was said to me, it ticked me off!


    • planet3rry says:

      Yes, you are making sense. On of the problems with Aspergers that is in line with the comment and what you say is that empathy (because that’s what it boils down to) is very very difficult.

      Empathy for men, in general, is tough. Mainly because mainstream media displays empathy as a something that makes men week. It’s a horrible stereotype. I think that’s why Gay Men have become very mainstream with women, is that they aren’t afraid to show empathy. As an emotional being, that being a woman, would you rather not want to have someone who empathizes with you then someone who doesn’t show that they care.

      This was a HUGE step in my diagnosis, because My Lovely and Talented Wife knows that I do have empathy but I can’t express it or sometimes know when to express it (or express it at the wrong time). But the good thing is that since I know this is a issue with me, it’s something that I can work on and improve.

  2. Stacie says:

    That makes a lot of sense….when my girlfriend and I got off the phone after ranting about our poor unsuspecting husbands, we kind of left it, grudgingly, at “Men think differently and they aren’t going to change now”
    (but it still ticked me off) LOL

    The nice thing is that your wife, like you said, knows you have it, knows you feel it, knows you have trouble expressing it, and can probably go with the flow easier. I feel like my husband was just being a butt head for the sake of being a butt head. Rationalization tells me that’s not entirely true all of the time, but it made me feel better at the time. 🙂


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