The Pain of Speed

This is going to be a week in review for my running. It’ll be short and sweet and riddled with injury and other pain-like experience that I had… some good, some not-so-good.

So join me…

Last Tuesday, in the morning, I had one of my Nature’s Do Not Call Episodes and in the house of all places. However, I was in the kitchen and wasn’t sure that I would make to the bathroom without calling out “Pilot to Bombardier, Pilot to Bombardier, BOMBS AWAY!” So, I am moving quickly, but not too quickly (if you know what I mean). Well, I swing around our sofa in the living room and the Piano bench is out away from the piano and my left pinky toe WHACKS the bench. I wanted to scream but if I had screamed, I would have lost bowel control… that would not be good (but at least I would be in the house and not running somewhere).

So, I am in excruciating pain, but nothing appears to be broken. It’s red and scraped, but I can walk on it. In fact, I get finished sending the kids to the pool that I sorta “forget” about my foot. In fact, I kinda forget enough not even tell My Lovely and Talented Wife about… after all nothing is broken and if it was, what could anyone do?

I skipped running at work that day because it was Terry Day and I figured that I would let whatever damage heal a little before I ran on it. During the day, it wasn’t all that bad. It was sore, but not making me limp. So, I decided to run on it that evening at Lakeshore. I could do a 2.1 mile loop and bail if I needed.

When I took my shoe off in the car at Lakeshore, my toe was swollen. It wasn’t tender and I could more my toe around okay, but I ended up taping the pinky toe with some packaging tape that was in the car. I did run one loop in 20:32 with little to no discomfort. I ended up only running one loop because I was running late and I felt lazy.


and my make shift first aid job


So after the Tuesday run I tried to run over the weekend, but I couldn’t get out of the house. I was trying to aim for a run with the dog at the trail park near my house, but our Au Pair wasn’t working this past weekend, so no such luck and it did give the more time for my foot to heal.

My foot had healed enough over the weekend, that i felt comfortable attempting some speed work. After all, I have officially dubbed Monday Speedwork day and I wanted to keep that going. It was kind of cold, so I decided to run at the track just in case something did go wrong, I wouldn’t have far to limp.

I chose to do 400 meter repeats with a 200 meter recovery in between. I was about to run a total of 4 intervals with the final being at 1:31 or a 6 minute pace. I can tell you that I was hurting at the end and just trying to will myself to the finish line.

However, last night and today, I was starting to feel the pain from the speed workout. I’m not talking about sore muscles. I am talking about my left ankle being sore, enough to remind me it’s there but not enough to debilitate me. In fact, I ran today at lunch. Today’s run was with a Heart Rate Monitor and it was about the most perfect easy run I have done in a long time. The HRM was really useful to keep me from slipping into my Tempo pace, and thus in essence doing 2 speed days in a row and wearing my myself down and leaving me prone to injury more than what I am I capable of just by breathing.

Today’s 4 miler was done in 38:09 and where I to guess my 10k and 5k time, I would have to say that my 10k time would be near a 54:15 (8:45 pace) and my 5k time would be near 25 minutes. I still have 20 days until the Spring Racing Season’s first 5k Race, the Spring Sprint (you can get information on my left sidebar <—- )

I will make today a 2-fer and run again after work. I would like to do another 4 at a super easy pace. Depending on how it works out I might go on 3rd Creek. If I wasn’t such a slacker and a horrible friend, I would have thought before NOW to ask Soon-To-Be-Dr. David to run with me.

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0 Responses to The Pain of Speed

  1. Petra says:

    Oh man Terry – that picture is hilarious! That is impressive improvisation..

    I’ve hurt my toe like that before and it really hurts – be gentle.. and move that bench! Or perhaps a potty in the kitchen?

    The speedworks is impressive. Very very very.

  2. Leesa says:

    I did this once. Jammed it in the middle of the night walking in the dark house. It was my second to the pinky toe, since it was so stationary I didn’t do anything. But MANNNNNN did it hurt, and turn all purple and yucky.

  3. Susan says:

    Yeesh! Whatta toe!

    OK speedster — don’t go getting injured like ME!

    • planet3rry says:

      I did think of you when I was contemplating running on it for the first time. Back in 2006, I had a tendon stress on my foot (not ankle) but it was fine after a week or so.

  4. LATW says:

    Man you have got some white feet!

  5. ShirleyPerly says:

    Aye-yi-yi! I thought it was only me who did things like that to my pinky toes. Nice job on the speed work!

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