I got a Marathon in a few days

That’s right! Terry has a marathon (to be a volunteer for) on Sunday. I was just getting all excited about doing this when my Team Leader comes and drops off my packet of stuff at work! Talk about service.

My shift is going to be near the end of the race, within the last 0.5 mile at the intersection where I direct the 5k people in one direction and the kids and other racers in another. Based on the race starts, there should be no over lapping. I will be too close to the finish to have my standard fare of Pretzels, Gummy Bears and M&Ms, but I will have some water out there for the people struggling at the very end. After all, you have to look good for the camera!


I’m at that blue dot on the map. I’ll run that part of the course tomorrow and probably Friday so that I will know what to expect and know what to tell the runners. So, I don’t think any of my readers are going to be running Knoxville on Sunday, but if some reason you are… scream your name, I’ll be recording the next Gravity at that time. Plus I am going to have Stella there and if you want a “Foto voor geen geld”, let me know and I would more than happy to oblige.

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0 Responses to I got a Marathon in a few days

  1. Susan says:

    I wish I could be there running the relay! Enjoy it. Looking forward to Gravity.

  2. ShirleyPerly says:

    I’m sure the runners will appreciate you being out there. Have fun!

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