Speed, Interupted

I hate it when I get off on internet Tangents… I went to Google Latin Translations for “speed and interrupt” and then realized that it was getting late in the afternoon… *sigh*

So let me catch you up on my running. I got a weekend run in! I know! Usually, the running on the weekend is limited to races, but this Saturday, due to scheduling, I was able to run. And I wasn’t alone either. I had two running buddies with me who traveled as fast as I did!

Yes, I said traveled and not ‘ran’. That’s because my running buddies were none other than The Elder and The Younger in our double stroller. My Lovely and Talented Wife went to the Women’s Expo to check out all the free (and not so free) stuff that they had. As a result, I had the kids to myself in the morning and with a window of oppurtunity to get a run in before the rain, I took the kids out.

Now, with the Kids, they love 3rd Creek Greenway. 1) There is a playground (Tyson Park) about 2.6 miles from the Parking Lot. 2) There is a train track that runs parallel to the Greenway. 3)There are bridges. 4) There are underpasses and finally 5) There is a train track that runs parallel to the Greenway.

The Reader’s Digest of the Saturday run was that I ran in about 50:50 (I do stop my watch when I have to tend to the kids). It was fairly easy and I wasn’t totally sore on Sunday. We did get to see a train (we’re about 50 feet from the track) and play at the Park, so they were accomodating for the most part to Daddy. Only bad thing was that 1) I forgot my Heart Rate Monitor in the van and 2) I left my iRiver in the van as well.

Today (Monday) I decided to some speed work. I actually have dubbed Monday as speedwork day. My intention was to rnu 400m intervals. But unfortuantely, I don’t know my 400m (~1/4 mile) splits very well, so I would have to do a 400m, 400m, 800m, 800m, 800m, 800m, 400m, 400m run with a speed interval follow by a recovery interval. I made it to the 2 mile (out of 3 mile) mark when all of sudden I had that “Nature’s Do Not Call” phenomenon again. If you check out my Buckeye Outdoor running log, you’ll see my last mile is at a 13:43 pace. Oi!

I am looking at tomorrow to be a long run day with a long run of 6-8 miles in a 2-fer configuration.

I got more to post but I have no more time right now… ending transmission. Over.


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