Our New Mirror

We received our replacement mirror for the Ass Mirror that we received that was damaged. This time we did get what we ordered a “Glass Mirror”



Unfortunately, like an Ass, this had a real crack in it *roll eyes*.


So I had to call QVC Customer Service (which gets a 5-star rating from me!) and had to repackage the mirror *sigh*, and have to take it to UPS Store *heavy sigh* and have to wait for the next one to come in!*super duper heavy sigh and shoulder drop*
*perks up* OH OH OH OH! But that sounds like a Damn Good Contest!!!*giddy as a school girl*


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Marathoner, A Terry of all trades
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0 Responses to Our New Mirror

  1. Petra says:

    do you think maybe you were never meant to get the ass mirror?

  2. dpal says:

    hmmm…. 2 mirrors + 2 cracks = 14 years bad luck! Maybe the mirror isn’t so important after all?

    • planet3rry says:

      Not us 14 years… the UPS guy! I’m telling you.

      Of course, YOUR Sister HAD to HAVE this mirror after seeing YOUR DAUGHTER’S over our most recent visit!

      • dpal says:

        yeah, figures… YOUR niece really LOVES that mirror, too…. and I know how persistent YOUR wife can be when she puts her mind to it…

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