Christmas Photo Safari

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as part of our Christmas visit last year, I asked my Brother in Law if his daughter (my neice) would be privvy to hanging out and going on a photo safari with me. Now, I had delusions of going to cool country places such as dilapidated barns and broken farm vehicles or even some people shots. Despite not getting to go to these places, we did get to go around the In-Laws house which provided a great amount of subjects to photograph.

I have her the choice of using the 35mm camera which was much older (although same century and decade) than she OR, she could use Stella my sleek Canon XT digital SLR. Of course, the hip chick choose Stella (wouldn’t you?) and so she burned through 200+ pictures in about an hour or so. In our most recent trip to SC, I asked her if I had permission to post her pictures. She’s very good and has “The Eye” for pictures.

So you can see the Hip and Trendy Niece’s Pictures as well as mine in the Web Albums below. I don’t think she reads my blog, but I know she’ll get word if you leave any comments. I’m now in the works on how to get a decent DSLR into her hands… whether she uses the talent as a monetary gain or not… she has the talent and the sooner you can start the better.

Hip and Trendy Neice’s Pictures (221) using Canon XT 18-55mm lens

My pictures (49) using Canon AV-1 with 50mm lens and 70-210mm lens

I do have a few more pictures inside the AV-1, but I need to finish the film and have them developed. If I waited on this post until then, it would be Christmas.


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0 Responses to Christmas Photo Safari

  1. Stacie says:

    Wow…you both took some really cool pictures, but Hip and Trendy Niece really does have a talented eye…you’re such a cool Uncle to take her on photosafari AND let her borrow Stella for the day…
    Awsome! The sooner she gets a camera in her hands the better..I totally agree with you!

  2. Stacie says:

    Boy, I sure missed a lot of stuff going on in your world. I’m so glad the little one is ok. Looks like he’s adjusting well to the cast…he’ll probably hate giving it up when the time comes! Hugs to the little guy!

  3. DPeach says:

    She really does have a knack for catching shots.

    I did not pay close attention to them all, but you had some nice ones too. I really liked a shot I saw of the row boat.

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