Further Behind

You can take that whole thing that I said about having the podcast ready and chuck it out the window. My goodness. If I forget my microphone ONE more time, that’ll be one more time that I forgot my microphone. Okay… going to Plan G.

If I can use my mobile studio tomorrow morning, that should give me most of the content that I need for the podcast. Then at lunch, I can record the rest while I go running and that will cover the audio that I wanted to record this past weekend in the race I didn’t run: Whitestone 30k. Given that we have a meeting tomorrow, I would say that I might have it either early afternoon or Thursday.

But, all I can say is that it is still “on it’s way”… HEY, THE CHECK IS IN THE MAIL!


I totally ate a pint of Kung Pao Chicken (and Rice) last night. Talk about a friggin’ oinker. I was in a blah mood and I went out and picked up Chinese for our “date night”. I just couldn’t get enough. Back in the days when I could have Gluten, I would love long time some General Tsao’s cat chicken or Orange horse Beef. Jokes about cats and dogs in Chinese food is funny over used. But I “settled” for Kung Pao. Well, I was in a treat because it was actually spicy hot. Well, not terribly spicy hot but enough that once you got through the whole pint, you were feeling a little tingle in your mouth. However, I don’t know what my fortune is… can’t eat them.


Wordless Wednesday… I have never played this weekly themed post. But tomorrow I will be. It’s set to post in the morning


I would talk about my trading today… put it’ll bore you. It was down for me… by alot. I made a silly noob mistake. But tomorrow is a new day!


On a sports topic, The Immortal Brett Favre has decided to retire from football as the Multi-MVP, ProBowl, Super Bowl Winning Quarter Back of the Green Bay Packers. I have him on my goal poster, not as some icon that I worship, but as a reminder to Do enjoy what you do. If there was anyone that loved playing football, it was the gunslinger Favre. If he was winning or losing (more often when he was winning) you could tell from the smile on his face that he was enjoying himself. THAT’S how I want to work! Working at UT is not that long term piece to the puzzle. Sure it’s fine right now. But I want to work from home, with MLATW and the kids. I don’t want to report to The Man, because I have to or need to. So now Favre rides off into the sunset of his football career into whatever he is going to do next, but you know, whatever that is going to be… it’ll be FUN to Favre.


MLATW posted a very interesting post about the Aspergian Parent/Child relationship. On there there is very basic (you might be an Aspergian if) list of “possible” warning signs. I wanted to bring some attention to this because. Even if you don’t have Aspergers, you may see something about your parent and how it was growing up. Aspergers has been around for a long time but until recently it didn’t have a diagnosis to help explain, why people act a certain way. People around my age (30-sexy) are just now becoming aware that they may have Aspergers (like me) because of diagnosi of kids. We might recognize that “hey, I think my [FILL IN BLANK] may of have (or God rest their souls) had Aspergers or something else.” I dunno… I though it might help.


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0 Responses to Further Behind

  1. Marianna says:

    I love General Tso’s Chicken! I made stir fry tonite ~ it was good & spicy.

    Brett Favre… hubba… he will be missed!


  2. Susan says:

    I have been an oinker lately, and can totally tell. Aaaarrrggggghhhhhh!

    I need to be athletic to be happy. I have discovered that fact.

    Working at home — you and me both, buddy!

  3. dpal says:

    Man, you are all over my post topics today… Both Favre and Gygax… My past is slowly fading away…

  4. DPeach says:

    However, I don’t know what my fortune is… can’t eat them.

    My wife hates the taste of the cookies. She just breaks it open to get the fortune. You know, you can do the same and find out what lies in your future without compromising anything. 🙂

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