Success Sunday

Remember when I was doing Success Sunday. Mentally, I still do it each Sunday. I find quotes that I like and I should actually set the post up in advance, but then there is the “what if I find a cooler quote that’s even better, I’d want to use that instead” thought.
080304mcOKay… Success Sunday is not going the way of the Parachute Pants… No Sir. MLATW is breathing life back into this weekly motivational phenomenon. And in all of her geekness wonderful talented way. She has made it even easier to participate with Success Sunday.

Go to her Post about Success Sunday and read all about. You gotta do it. All the cool kids are doing it. And if you don’t roll with cool kids, then all the non-cool kids are doing it too…


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  1. Lt Mascara says:

    No offense to you or the Hammer but I think I’ll go read the success sunday post (a little belated) instead of hang out lamenting the passing of parachute pants.

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