Horizon of the Week

Welcome Monday. The weekend has come and gone and to some extent, I wonder where it went. Didn’t seem like it was long enough, but I think that was because MLATW was under the weather and so all of our plans were changed. MLATW has the persistent and residual crud that we all had in our household. We’ve been treating it with expectorant and cough suppressant (which seems a little backwards to me, but it does work). Hopefully sometime this week we will be back to normal at least in some regard.

Actually, we start off today with a rescheduled Doctor’s appointment and having to reschedule a financial planning meeting. So, okay, maybe this week won’t be quite normal. At least The Elder will FINALLY have a full week of school.

It also means that I will have a normal week as well (I think). Except for Friday. More on Friday in a moment. This week, I can finally get back into my workout routine. Actually, I can implement my new workout routine to incorporate brick workouts at lunch. I just have to think of what days would be appropriate for what.

Today, I ran 4 miles around a 9:10 pace. This pace is still pretty difficult for me, although I was able to make the 4 miles with only 1 short walk break. Doesn’t surprise me that I had to take the walk break, but I was happy that it wasn’t until past the halfway point in my run. That’s encouraging.

Due to some technical difficulties, Gravity@1053′ will be pushed to a release date sometime this week. Hopefully tomorrow. Since my schedule changed, I didn’t get to record my audio as planned. Then, I forgot my mic today, so I could record today as planned either! I’ll use my mobile recording studio (the car) to get most of the audio tomorrow, then fill in the rest at lunch and post production in the afternoon. Sorry for the delay, but you get what you pay for!

This coming up Friday, we are taking The Younger to get his Luke Skywalker Hand Operation.
080304handActually it’s not quite as cool as this. He has trigger finger and he will get that “fixed”. Basically if you pretend that you finger is a gun and you make your thumb the “trigger”… The Younger’s thumb doesn’t straighten. So, what they have to do is make 2 incisions on the base of his thumb then take a sharp-pointy thing and run it all inside to disengage the cartilage or whatever is there so that his thumb will function correctly. Hardest is part is to post surgery when the Luke The Younger is supposed to rest, he’s our in-home maniac stunt person. He’s already a hitter of sorts, so once he realizes that his cast is a great weapon for melee combat (damage +2) general walloping, he’s going to be hard to stop.


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0 Responses to Horizon of the Week

  1. Marianna says:

    Eek. Is your son’s operation outpatient or will he have to stay in the hospital?


    • planet3rry says:

      It’s an outpatient deal. They’ll call us with the time and stuff and he’ll go in and out in one day. Apparently it’s not too bad… but it took 2 grown men to hold him down to get stitches, I can only image this one…

  2. Michael says:

    Hope all goes well for your son, but the problem is more serious than you think. The problem is, when you make your hand into a pistol, the thumb isn’t supposed to be the *trigger* at all! It’s the *hammer* of the pistol. His gun is never going to work if his thumb is the trigger, the mechanics are all wrong. 😉

  3. Susan says:

    Wow — it might take the whole surgical staff to disengage that little rockstar! LOL.

    Seriously, good luck with that. I’ll be thinking of him (or the rest of your skulls, seeing as the cast will be oh-so-fun…..)

  4. dpal says:

    lol@ all of the gun references… just so ong as he doesn’t end up “shooting blanks..” errr did I actually post that? sorry.

    I also LOLed at the melee combat +2 part, but I think only the nerdiest of nerds (me) may get that… but alas… computing THAC0 in your head has now become an obsolete skill.

  5. dpal says:

    Are hyperlinks working in the comment section of your blog?

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