Fred's Da Man!

Hey Neighbor! You may not be on my block, but you are on my planet and therefore, I shall call you neighbor. The TV good virtue Icon Fred Rogers has long since gone to his heavenly neighborhood, but his ideals live on.

I picked this up from Roon (although there was no mention of Indiana Jone is the post) and I wanted to add that right now, in some communities, there is a sweater drive. I tried to find information about the Sweater Drive, but after multiple Google searches, I could not find a real great site for information about the drive. You’ll have to check your local areas to see if there is a sweater drive near you. I happened to come across one in the Knoxville area at our Western Avenue Food City. I will have to see if we have any sweaters to donate, as I see this as a worthy cause.

Here’s the Official (Family Communication Inc.) website about Sweater Days

Here’s a video about a Sweater (by Weezer)… Universal Music Group doesn’t want the video to be embedded, so here’s the link…


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0 Responses to Fred's Da Man!

  1. Susan says:

    Fred is indeed DA MAN.

  2. Marianna says:

    Agreed! I love watching his show ~ in fact, I just watched one a couple of weeks ago.


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