Status Report

“Private, what’s the status on the Runner?”

“Not Good General. Prognosis is still unclear.”

“Come on Private you can do better than that.”

“General Sir, the Runner has been exposed to some hostile creatures. We engaged the auto-defenses 3 weeks ago. Seems that their armor is stronger than our weapons.”

“My God Private, didn’t you use the Big Guns.”

“Yes sir, we unleash the SUNISDNADLOC in a multiple scatter pattern over a couple of days. That only took out the some of the weaker creatures. Over the weekend we launch two heavy payload CETRYZs. We got rid of most of the infantry, but some of the ranking officers are still there.”


“Yes Sir!”

“I am authorizing a sniper strike on the enemy’s ranking officer. I want tear gas, I want mustard gas, I want this place moving, I want to get flush them out, I want to smoke them out of their caves, I want them OUT of the runner. We have to mobilize the runner as soon as possible. Private, this Operation Looks Like Split Pea Soup. Get Moving!”



Sounds weird, but I might get to run… today.

About planet3rry

Marathoner, A Terry of all trades
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