Operation Split Pea Soup

Editor’s Note: if punny references to natural bodily functions grosses you out, I suggest skipping down to the 3 starred lines, where the regular post will commence.








“Status Report”

“Yes, sir! Sir, the Operation is going accordingly to plan at this point sir. Reports from the field are coming in as we speak.”

“Damn you, private. I want the reports, not some monologue!”

“Yes, sir! Our first report is from Captain Lung of the 101st Villi Division. His troops manage to break up come of the militant cells that were hiding in the pleural region, sir. He used some some Shock, Awe, Hack and Cough attacks sir to flush out the militants up to Capitan Larynx who then expelled them from the Runner.”

“Excellent, all according to plan”

“Intelligent reports that there are still some in the area, but with supply lines cut, we should be able to take them out”

“Right! What about Major Nasal, Private?”

“Sir, Major Nasal successfully fired two Snot Rockets. Two others were fired but with little success. Major Nasal reports no balant enemies running in caves.”

“Excellent! Private, Get the Rear Admiral on the horn. We have a debriefing on the release of his new submarine this afternoon.”

“Yes, Sir!”








I did it! I actually RAN today, for the first time in like…18 days! It’s like I gave up Running for Lent or something. Actually, you could, I mean, I could really tell that I it had been a number of days since I ran. We’ll see tomorrow exactly how out of shape I am…

I ran my Market Square Fast 3 mile course, which I am very familiar with… I figured that I should try something new on my first day back. Plus, I can really gage how well I am doing.

At the 1/4 mile mark into the run, I could tell that I was going be slower than normal for this course. It felt like I was exerting myself like a Tempo Run, which isn’t surprising because that’s the pace that I seem to find if I am not monitoring my pace. Mile 1 was 9:10, which is relatively slow to my normal (or in training) pace of 7:50-8:15. what was nice is that during the run, although I wanted to stop a walk at a couple of points, I didn’t. I kept along. Mile 2 was 9:16. So at least I was being consistent.

On the last mile, I was really feeling it on the hills. They seemed to go on forever, but I still made it up. By about this time, I was warmed up all the way and on the last 1/2 mile, I could feel my body ease into a nice rhythm. I think that is why Mile 3 was a 8:52.

Given the fact that the weather is supposed to be CRAP tomorrow, I probably won’t run… which isn’t a bad thing. I need to ease back into the regular grind, plus, I have a different schedule tomorrow anyway. Thursday is a significant milestone in my running, so I will HAVE to run something on that day. Even if it is at 10 O’clock at night.

SO hopefully, I have beaten this cold thing that has been plaguing me FOREVER it seems like. Because of it, I am NOT running the Whitestone 30k on Sunday. It’s a Damn Hilly course and that’s from someone who LOVES hills. I probably will also NOT try to run the Knoxville Marathon relay. Given that what I am running now will really start to show mid-late March, I’m not going to try to run the Relay.

I will however go ahead and volunteer for the marathon. I was already asked to help as a course monitor (FUN!!!), so I will probably do that and still be part of the marathon experience. Plus with the money that I save with not running Whitestone and the Marathon Relay, I might be able to budget in some more 5k races this year. We’ll see. I am not going that far into the future quite yet.


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0 Responses to Operation Split Pea Soup

  1. Samantha says:

    First of all, how sad is it that I’m excited you said submarine?! We’ve been away from the fleet too long!

    Bravo Zulu on successful launch of aforementioned snot rockets. The systems status is improving and an upgrade in condition is imminent.

    I bet the sidewalks have missed you!

  2. Marianna says:

    I just HAD to read the 1st part, didn’t I?! Sigh.


  3. Susan says:

    I am excited to hear about your milestone!

    Glad you back “up and running.” Pun intended.

    I fear that WHEN I return to running (not IF) I’ll feel like a struggling turtle. I hope that all of my low-impact cross-training will somehow help me.

    So what’s cookin’?

  4. ShirleyPerly says:

    Glad you were able to go for a run! I’m gonna try tomorrow. Need to rally my troops.

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