Perpetual Plague

I am going to split open my face and scrap out my sinus cavity… there is something up there that won’t go away! Chalk up another “Zero” in the Run Column for today.

My running has been SOOO lean. How lean is it? It’s so lean that you couldn’t even have a piece a bacon for Eggs, Spam, Bacon, and Spam breakfast. It’s that lean. Actually, I know that I ran on the 7th and 8th of this month, but I have not logged the miles into my Buckeye Outdoors account. I just hope that I blogged about it so that I remember what the hell I ran.

This means, in essence, that the Whitestone 30k is now mothballed and for all practical purposes, the Marathon Relay that I wanted to do with some people in my Sunday School Class will be lined out. At least with the Marathon, I can still volunteer… I was asked by name to man one of the last intersections of the course. And when you ask The Planet3rry to volunteer for something… He loves to dismiss the Darkness and Chaos.

What this does mean is that the monies budgeted to these races can go for some more smaller races and thus I can work on some of my speedwork. So, a little detour… granted that I get rid of this residual cold. I should go run so that the cold air forces out all the mucus and dries it up.


My Lovely and Talented Wife had found a WordPress plugin that let you had a glossary of terms… basically a marketing tool. I just got an email from the Photo Hunter Hostess, TN Chick with her visual plugin glossary. SO maybe I can put that up soon.


Hats off to my Mom who has been a recent contributor to the Dumpster Diving phenomenon that has been sweeping the MyCokeRewards points land. She already knows that her son is weird and loves him anyway. Coke is starting to roll in some better prizes. I want to see the goods before I pull the trigger on the lower priced items.


Upcoming Blog Subjects:

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Being a woman

Insurance Companies and the (Currently UnNickNamed) Wonder Drug

On and On to the Break of Dawn Bad Awful Customer Service

Another Contest in the making

and that’s a wrap… hit it!


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0 Responses to Perpetual Plague

  1. Marianna says:

    Good Lord. You’ve got your Mom into Dumpster Diving now?!


  2. Susan says:

    I can’t wait for all to come!

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