I’ll give you the Reader’s Digest of what’s been going on in my Universe. It was a very busy weekend with lots of traveling and now we are home, but it seems that we are going to be on the go… How did so much stuff get planned when our Au Pair is on vacation? I dunno.


Anyway… Here’s the scenario: The In-laws My Lovely and Talented Wife’s Parents had some Rental Property in Winston-Salem. For some reason, the furniture had to go. So Lolo (Tagalog for Grandfather) goes to Winston-Salem from Loris, SC (think Myrtle Beach) with help. The get a 26′ U-Haul from W-S, load it up and bring it back to Loris. The furniture that is staying stays, a few pieces of furniture stays with dpal-in-law and the rest come home to Tenn.

So I got to drive the U-Haul for about 8 hours, sometimes in the pouring rain, almost all of the time with high winds, and the entire time with The Loud and Lovable Skipper Doodle, who slept in the cab with me most of the time. I started to get a feeling like I had a “Big Rig” out on the highway (having to go to the ‘Truck’ side of Rest Stops) but in all actuality still just had a van on steroids. Nothing exciting happened… didn’t get pulled over, didn’t wreck, didn’t blow a tire, didn’t have kids try to get to honk the horn, no long haired blonde in a red sports car drive beside me… wait, that last one was National Lampoon’s Vacation.


We use possessive’s in our household as marketing ploys for the kids. Such as “Oatmeal” is called “Daddy Oatmeal” or Green Tea (and/or Diet Coke) is called “Daddy Juice”. The U-Haul was a source of fascination for the kids and a personal training room for The Younger (our acrobatic, daredevil, stuntkid). We constantly had to shoo them away from the truck, which ended up being called the “Daddy Moose Truck”


One of the things that I was able to secure was permission from my neice (who needs a good nickname) to highlight her photography talent with pictures from our Photo Safari from Christmas. I let her use Stella and I used my Trusty-Rusty AV-1 35mm camera and we took pictures around the In-Laws house & pond. I have a good portion of my pictures, so I want to put up a couple of albums with her pictures… they are very good. I’ll have to see if any of my trade (successes) and go to fund her a digital camera…

Our house has been in perpetual sickness. Although the kids were pretty sick free (some congestion), we have been going nuts. I still have some congestion that is almost cleared up. I hold to eventually get back to running… sometime in the near future. February is going to be really lean on the miles this month.

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0 Responses to Recap

  1. Marianna says:

    Oh God, I think I just broke out into a rash looking at that U-Haul… just like mine ~ 26’…. EEK!

    The only thing that’s missing is a car trailer on the back!


  2. Susan says:

    That is quite a trek! But what good looking passengers!

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