X of all

Zoinks! Things around here have been busy. It seems that if I am not going 100 mph then I’m going to slow. So where should I start?

Once a upon a time, not too long ago…

First of all, I got a new phone. I went ahead and got the Katana II for me to upgrade to it was only $30 and to upgrade to the Katana DLX was $130. So for a savings of $100, I’d go for the lower tech. It’s pretty sleek, but I have yet to activate it yet. I think am admiring it in all of it’s glory that I don’t want to do anything. Well, I should figure out how to get it activated. What’s great is that now I will be able to Mobile Blog and show you pictures of what’s happening with me… or see my observations that a picture add to the entertainment value… so that I don’t have to go BACK to the place to get the shot… such as the picture in Meth Heads Prefer Grape post.

Second of all, I think I am going to add a “Goals” section on the Sidebar so that you can track how successful I am with my trading. Instead of the goal “Make Large Bags of Cash”, I am going to put it “$1,000 for Seminar Trip in July”. By using that whole Law of Attraction thing. So, look for that in days to come… if I knew Ajax… I’d write me a fancy plug-in for WordPress. I’m really digging the whole 2 sidebar theme.

Third of all, I am thinking of another contest. But I think this one will be more aimed toward runners as I am thinking of having the prize 26.2 Marathon Stories. Non-runners would probably like some of the (i’m assuming because I haven’t read it) stories in there or maybe they’d like it as a coffee table book. Maybe they even have a lunatic runner friend and have no idea of what to give them as a gift.

Fourth of all, We tried a new Gluten Free Bread last night… Pamela’s Products Wheat-Free Amazing Bread Mix. If I hadn’t have underbaked it, I think it would have turned out awesome. I was recently upset when Amazon shifted their Gluten Free Pantry Favorite bread to another shipper. This meant that I now had to PAY for shipping (YA, I know!) and the cost of it wasn’t any cheaper than what I could buy at the local store. So I thought that I would check out Pamela and her fine assortment of goodies. We have had the Pancake mix from Pamela’s before and that was pretty good. AND the bonus is that you can do a subscription of this from Amazon, so the cost breaks down to $3.26 per 2 lb loaf… that’s almost the same price as regular bread!

Fifth of all, My nose has stopped running and is just slightly congested. Unfortunately, I have NOT started running again. Bleh! I think tomorrow will be the only chance I get to run for the next couple of days. I might be able to run over the weekend at the In-laws house, but I will have the kids.

Sixth of all, I have been selling my stuff on eBay pretty heavy. I had 3 auction end this morning that I will need to get shipped out. I am looking for a good wholesale/niche that I can use to sell stuff and make a profit. I think the anxiety drugs are working because I am much much more comfortable with being entrepreneurial than I ever have been.

So that’s what’s been going on and I just realized that I am late for a meeting…


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0 Responses to X of all

  1. Susan says:

    New contest: great!

    So what all do you sell on ebay?

  2. Marianna says:

    Yeah, I wanna know what you sold on ebay too! That’s so cool! I’d love to sell some of my stuff when I get back.


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