My Nose is Running Faster

My Nose was running faster than I was this morning. That combined with some lotion in my eye and I was pretty miserable this morning. Our household right now is a germ haven. The Younger was confirmed to have a mild ear infection from the visit to the Doc’s today. We kept The Elder from school yesterday because of flowing green boogies coming out of his nose. Oi!

Anyway, I didn’t run yesterday nor today because of errands. I’m hoping to get something in tomorrow and hopefully, I will feel better by then to get some miles in. The bad thing is that the weather albeit a little windy is very comfortable, so a run would feel awesome. We are going to be getting some wet weather tonight, so who know what tomorrow will bring.


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0 Responses to My Nose is Running Faster

  1. Susan says:

    Good luck with all of that!

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