Me Likee POT

Yes, another Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll reference.

I tried to buy some POT yesterday, but I was turned down because my dealer closed shop at 4:00pm and I didn’t have the “secret code” to get some after hours “paper”. So, I queued in an order to make the sale this morning at 9:30am at $770 for a pound contract.

At about 9:29am, I had a change of heart and decided that I wouldn’t buy any POT right now, I would wait to see what the street value of the POT would be. Good thing that I did because it dropped… In less than an hour the street value had dropped $3 an ounce! Having a Bullish feeling on this I picked me up a shiny contract (because that’s ALL that I had left in my pockets) for $400. Already a “government” savings of $370!

And now I am up $270 on the “contract” that I bought and had I gotten the one yesterday I would still be jonesin’ with a $100 loss. But don’t OOH&AHH over this quick turn of some cash, cause I’m still hurting from a contract I bought earlier this week at $910 a pound contract… But I think some “paper” on POT will be just fine in the future.

At least with this POT you don’t have worry about the 420s from the Po-lice!

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0 Responses to Me Likee POT

  1. Stacie says:

    You know, I kept looking at that and thinking…this has to be a stock thing..I thought it sounded familiar…(I “watch” Cramer with DH every night..booya!) but all taht stuff goes in one ear and out the other, so I couldn’t quite place it…

    LOL…you had me going for a minute..

  2. Stacie says:

    Hey P3….didn’t you talk a while back about a special peanut butter that was going off market that you like? white chocolate wonderful something or other? I can get my hands on some if you want…Let me know…they sell it at my commissary. I forgot to look at the price, but if its’ the stuff you like and the price is right, I’d be happy to hook you up. let me know.. (two letter “L’s” in stampgirll)

  3. Susan says:

    You’re cracking me up!

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