A family that…

A Family that Dumpster Dives together, earns MyCoke Reward Points together!!

Thanks to all those who send me those Coke reward points, especially the people that go out of their way, such as my lovely, talented and dumpster diving wife (she scored 2 codes out of the trash can at her Mom’s Group on Friday). I appreciate you all. Now if Coca-Cola would just restock their inventory, maybe I could get some great stuff. You can take this to Vegas: Contest Free Crap Supply will increase when Coke replenishes.


Addendum: I just got the “Rest of the Story” for when My Lovely and Talented Wife text me some codes. She was at her parents house, saw that they had some 2 liters. Took the caps off, text me the codes and then put the caps back on. Some say she’s crazy… I call it true love!

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0 Responses to A family that…

  1. Susan says:

    That is definitely true love!

  2. Marianna says:

    LMAO! Your wife is funny!

    Hey, believe me, I went out of my way with that Sprite. I never drink sodas… LOL


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